Bladder infection: symptoms and causes

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Bladder infection, also known as interstitial cystitis, is a clinical condition in which a patient feels the need to urinate frequently. Urine volume is small when you urinate and is accompanied by other symptoms that are easily noticeable. The pain is felt while to pee and have sex.

It can happen due to several physiological and conditions of the disease. An adult bladder can usually store around a glass of urine. Normally, urine is free of any type of pathogens. According to National Information Center for Renal and Neurological Diseases (NKUDIC), NIH, if the pathogen moves through the vagina to the bladder and multiplies, it is known as a bladder. infection. [1] It happens frequently and pelvic pain may or may not accompany the condition.

Causes of bladder infection

According to an estimate given by, 90% of patients are women and the average onset begins at age 40. This may be accompanied by ulcers in the lining of the bladder for unknown reasons.

It can be due to several reasons that include:

Autoimmune disease A glycan deficiency that covers the bladder Sexual relations Radiotherapy Prolonged use of catheters or spasms of the pelvic region

Many conditions of the disease can also lead to bladder infections. Some of them are endometriosis, tuberculosisgynecological Cancerpelvic inflammatory disorders, asthma, migrainesY arthritis.

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Symptoms of bladder infection

There are specific symptoms from which it can be concluded that they suffer from interstitial cystitis. Some of these are listed below.

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The frequency of urination increases at a rate of more than 60 times per day Micturition is accompanied by pain Pain is also felt during sexual intercourse Depression Y anxiety between women Excess weakness and fatigue Sensation to urinate urgently, which is accompanied by spasms or pressure. Each time hematuria occurs, a small amount of urine is produced, which is a trace of blood in the urine. fever

Bladder infection: symptoms and causes, reference:

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