Black magic: the benefits and uses of activated carbon

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One of my favorite botanicals is carbon, also known as activated carbon.

Carbon, or its most common name, activated carbon has existed for thousands of years. It was even used by Hippocrates and Pliny in his day.

Activated carbon derives its name from the process of taking the carbon, which results from the controlled carbonization activity of the starting material (usually Willow Bark, also known as Salix alba), and it is subjected to an oxidizing gas, that is, air or steam, at high levels. temperatures (which increases the absorption power of coal by developing an extensive internal network of fine pores in the material).

Carbon is 100% alkaline and is spinning with electrons, which makes the substance highly electrical. The negative ion charge of the carbon attracts the positive ionic charges (of toxins and poisons) that cause it to bind and then escort them out of the body through the eliminating channel of the intestines.

Amazing uses of carbon

This majestic substance helps to cure all diseases of the colon and greatly benefits the intestines. Carbon will greatly counteract flatulence (gas) and help eradicate odors in the colon or intestinal tract.

Using carbon to whiten teeth and remove plaque

No solution or chemical to whiten teeth in the market is close to the action of whitening and illuminating and the power of carbon.

I remember that a friend of mine, a Native American woman, told me one day how her teeth became so white. He told me that when he was a little girl, his father used to burn plant material and after the plant burned to black ash or was scorched, the father took the ash residue and gave it to his family, and they took a Little on your finger and brush against your teeth.

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I used to always ask myself how the elderly took care of their teeth without toothbrushes. But these people had charcoal, Miswak (or Peelu) and licorice sticks to use in oral hygiene.

To use Carbon for your teeth, all you have to do is put some toothpaste (a good brand of toothpaste, ie, Peelu, Ayurveda, Nature's Gate, Tom's # of Maine) on your toothbrush, then soak it in a little Carbon, add just a little water, and start brushing. Your mouth will be black due to the carbon and your sink can get dirty, but one thing I can assure you, your teeth will get a good cleaning and a good shine.

It would be prudent to avoid the use of any and all commercial brands of toothpaste, as they are all poisonous and toxic and contain harmful ingredients such as sodium fluoride (an important ingredient in rat poison), propylene glycol (used in degreaser). motors), sodium laurel sulfate, saccharin (a known carcinogen) and harmful petroleum-based dyes (Red Lake and Blue Lake) are also considered carcinogens.

No substance removes acid plaque from the teeth like carbon. It will clean your teeth greatly and help eliminate stains on your teeth (especially stains derived from drinking coffee).

Use of carbon to counteract the ingestion of poisons

Another good use of carbon is in the area of ​​accidental ingestion of poison, drugs (legal and illegal) and household chemicals. All you have to do is add a teaspoon of carbon to a glass of water, remove it really well and have the person who ingested the poison drink the full glass of carbon water.

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No home for health conscious people should be without this wonderful and great product that saves lives, especially if you have young children on the scene.

Carbon is also ideal for people addicted to chemicals to help them quit.

Have you tried activated carbon? Share how you use it in the comments below!


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