Black Foods: Fashionable and healthy?

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Is the new green black? If we are talking about super foods, it sounds as if the answer to that question is a definitive answer. yes!

A popular publication by Health.Com, a section of Huffington Health, the Huffington & # 39; s Health news blog, addresses the trend of black foods, stating that despite "green vegetables have been acclaimed by a lot of time as the best foods for you … dark Fruits, vegetables and grains are also nutritional potencies ". black foods

Cy Lee, Ph.D., professor of food chemistry at Cornell University, said that "black foods have more antioxidants than light-colored foods because of their higher pigment content." Those pigments from the plants, or anthocyanins, can reduce your risk of health problems like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

With the trend of black foods still in progress, there are options for every palate, from the well-known, such as black beans, to the new and novel, such as black garlic. Unlike other recent food trends, such as bacon for dessert or large portions, black foods seem to be one of those rare food trends with real and scientifically supported health benefits. So, why not try it at home?

10 black foods that you can try today:

Black Lentils Black Quinoa Black Garlic Black Mushrooms (Shiitake) Black Wild Rice Blackberries Black Beans Black Tea Black cumin seed oil Black chia seeds

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