Benefits of lemon water detoxification

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A lemon water detoxification is a popular way to shed pounds and stimulate the metabolism, but before jumping to a new flash diet, there are some important things to consider.

What is lemon water?

Lemon water, simply, it's regular water with lemon juice added to it, typically from a fresh lemon. You can squeeze about 2 tablespoons in a pint of water for a refreshing and nutritious drink.

Lemon water detox diet

The water detoxification diet with lemon comes in several forms, some of which recommend a "master cleansing", in which only lemon juice is consumed. Some lemon water detox diets also use lemon water as a substitute or food supplement, rather than a complete dietary takeover.

Since you are drinking a lot of water during a detoxification with lemon water, it can help your body eliminate unwanted toxins by stimulating more urination than normal. The active The ingredients in lemon juice, such as citric, ascorbic and malic acid, also help in metabolic activities. [1] Other health effects include immunity and digestive impulse systems. While a detox diet with lemon water can help you reduce calories and provide some health benefits, it should be used as a complement to other healthy eating habits to ensure that you get the protein Y carbohydrates what your body needs. A cleansing or detoxification is always more effective when you keep track of the actual Lifestyle Changes for better health.

Benefits of a lemon water detoxification

A detoxification with lemon water can help you in many ways, even with weightloss, immunological problems, and digestion, among others.


As mentioned, by increasing urination rates and by actively stimulating liver function, lemon water can decrease its total toxicity in the body, which can have related effects on the metabolic and digestive systems. [2]

detoxification of lemon water

Immune system

A high level of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) In a water detoxification plan with lemon means that your immune system will receive a much needed boost. Functions of vitamin C as a antioxidant and can stimulate the production of white blood cells, the body's first line of defense against infectious pathogens. [3]


There are very few Calories in lemon juice, but the density of nutrients, in addition to the constant intake of water, will help you feel full. [4] When used together with a low-calorie diet and to lose weight, this juice can help prevent Eat excessively and unnecessary snacks.

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Lemon juice is similar to the acids we have. in our stomach, and can complement those digestive functions, improving the absorption of nutrients, eliminating infections, and balancing the bacterial Environment in your gut. [5]

Side effects of lemon water detoxification

The main side effects associated with water detoxification with lemon include problems with acidity, dehydration, and dental health. The high level of acidity In lemon juice can damage your teeth, and also stimulate acid reflux disease. The ascorbic acid in lemon juice, on the other hand, can function as a diuretic and purge the body of the fluids it needs to function normally.

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