Benefits for the health of pears

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Pears are valuable fruits that have been widely used and savored for their delicious flavor since ancient times. In addition to being a tasty addition to the diet, the pears are also full of nutrients and nutritional value.

Botanically, it is a "pip fruit" produced in the tree family Rosaceae, in the genus Pyrus. The fruit trees of Pome are medium-sized trees found in the semitropical regions of the northern hemisphere and also include apple, medlar, medlar, etc.

The pear is a sweet fruit that is said to be related to the apple. Its size is approximately that of an apple with several seeds in the nucleus, like an apple. However, unlike apples, most varieties of pears have fine skins such as paper that are not easy to peel. The skins vary in color: yellow, green, brown, red or a combination of any of these colors.

Pears are broadly classified according to their place of origin such as Asian pears and European pears. Asian varieties have a crunchy texture and a firm consistency that do not change even after harvesting or storage, which makes them suitable for consumption. Whereas, European types generally become soft and juicy when allowed to mature.

Nutritional value of pears

In addition to its availability and flavor, pears have also been valued for their medicinal benefits for thousands of years. Modern science now tells us the content of the fruit, and the content of minerals, vitamins and organic compounds of the pears species is the reason for its great health potential. Some of these active and effective components are potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K, phenolic compounds, folic acid, dietary fiber, copper, manganese, magnesium and B vitamins.

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Pears are considered healthy for several reasons, but we have selected the most important ones to share with you.

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