Benefits and side effects of Kratom tea

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Drink kratom tea It is a practice that is common in some parts of Asiaand, while there are some potentially dangerous side effects, there are also many health benefits when used sparingly.

What is Kratom tea?

Kratom tea It is a traditional tea that is made in Thailand and neighboring countries with the dried leaves of the kratom plant, known scientifically as Mitragyna speciosa. These The leaves have been used in that region for hundreds of years, mainly for their energizing and stimulating qualities. [1] The leaves are often chewed, which produces a slightly stronger effect than when the leaves are made in a tea. Perhaps the most famous, it is known that it helps people overcome the debilitating effects of opioid withdrawal. There are more than a dozen active compounds in kratom leaves, some of which can lead to addictive symptoms. [2] Due to the heavy dependence and occurrence of the abuse of these leaves in Southeast Asia, the drug is illegal in places like Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar.

In terms of taste, many people compare the taste of kratom tea with Green Tea, although it may have a slightly more bitter aftertaste. Although not ideal when served alone, you can simply add sugar or honey To this tea to improve the taste.

Benefits of Kratom tea

The benefits of kratom tea come mainly from certain alkaloids Found inside the leaves. These active ingredients help to provide many benefits that include:

Increase Energy Stimulate the [3] metabolism Relieve pain To get better digestive momentum processes skin Health Regulating moods These alkaloids act as antioxidants to prevent chronic inflammation

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Side effects of Kratom tea

The main side effects of kratom tea include its addictive potential quality and the nature that alters the mind. [4] Although it is used as a means to suppress withdrawal symptoms, it can also have effects similar to those of opioids and, therefore, it can be difficult to stop using them.

Benefits and side effects of Kratom tea, reference:

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