Beet juice, mouthwash and your next endurance race

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These three things have absolutely nothing in common at first sight. However, health professionals and scientists have been exploring the very real connection between the three and, in fact, have found a common thread. Read on to see how beet juice and mouthwash can affect your next endurance race.

Beet juice and resistance

Andrew Jones, at the University of Exeter, shared some interesting findings in 2011 regarding beet juice and resistance. His group conducted a study of eight male cyclists, who consumed approximately two cups of beet juice, which is naturally high in nitrate. One control group consumed the same amount of cordial redcurrant juice, which has very low levels of nitrate.

After a variety of low-intensity, high-intensity cycling tests, cyclists in the group of beet juice drinkers were able to complete an average of 16 more minutes. The findings also found that these men had lower resting blood pressure. But, why is that?

Ultimately, the nitrate in beet juice is the cause of this improvement. The flow of nitrates helps your mitochondria produce ATP, the fuel and energy needed for your muscles during exercise. This results in an increased oxygen consumption that extends to exhaustion, which allows the endurance athletes to push harder and harder.

Beet juice and mouthwash

Now, this is where it gets even more complicated. According to, "although it is not entirely clear how it works, the authors suspect that when the nitrate in the diet is converted into nitric oxide in the body, it reduces the amount of oxygen required to perform the exercise." However, new studies conducted by the same group En Exeter has found that mouthwash can inhibit the transformation of dietary nitrate into nitric oxide.

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The nitrate in the diet is converted into nitric oxide through the bacteria in the salivary gland, through the secretion of saliva. Because mouthwash is meant to eliminate oral bacteria, the most important step in this process is blocked. Without this first step, your body will not benefit from the high concentration of nitrate in the beet juice.

Beet juice and its training

While the data is very interesting, it is only the first step in Learn more about the benefits of beet juice. and how mouthwash can affect that. Therefore, to see the benefits of beet juice in its performance, you can take the necessary precautions until more studies are done.

In a similar study, published in the journal. Hypertension, the effects of beet juice were observed almost immediately, within one hour, and were stronger after two or three hours. With this in mind, you can avoid the use of mouthwashes before a big race, which allows the nitrate process to occur.

At the end of the day, these findings are very new and have not yet been tested against other opposing studies. However, the natural beet juice is beneficial to your body in many other ways, such as promoting blood flow and regulating blood sugar, so see if this improves your personal stamina will be beneficial independently. While you should not count on beating your RP only with the beet juice, why do not you give it a try?

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