Ayurvedic diet plan, benefits and food

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Following an ayurvedic diet can be an effective and healthy way to lose weight quickly and increase your body's defenses.

What is an Ayurvedic diet?

A Ayurveda The diet is one based on ancient traditions, herbs and recommended foods of Ayurvedic medicine, which originated more than 5,000 years ago in India. Ayurveda healing It is still an important part of Indian culture and has also spread to other parts of the world. [1] It is an integral system of healing which is personalized for each professional depending on their dosha or specific body type. The ultimate goal of an Ayurvedic diet is to avoid foods according to the specific needs of your body type and change your food intake according to seasonal changes. It is said that this affects a person's energy levels and also encourage self-healing [2] It is strongly recommended to work with an Ayurvedic doctor to design your specific Ayurvedic diet plan.

What are Ayurvedic body types?

There are three types of Ayurvedic diet, vata, kapha and pitta, which will define the particular approach taken in this diet.


If you have a vata constitution, you will tend to be on the thin side, but often you will suffer digestive problems. You are often a creative person, but also a person who is prone to mental disorders. stress Y anxiety. [3] Common health problems for vata individuals include neurological disease and heart disease.


A kapha constitution is defined by having a medium-sized body composition, and is often athletic or has good control of body weight. Typically competitive, athletic and aggressive, this type of body is also susceptible to heart disease and infections.


Pitta, the type of final body, is usually a person who struggles to control his weight and body image. While they can be supportive and loving, these people often suffer from a lack of motivation and sadness. They are also prone to Cancer, obesity, Y diabetes. [4]

Ayurveda diet plan

If you want to follow an Ayurvedic diet, you must first determine what type of body diet you should follow; After that, these simple meal plans can help you align your energy with your dietary intake.

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Vata Ayurveda diet plan

Eat healthy fats with almost every meal. Sweet, salty and bitter taste [5] use of food warming spices Avoid cold or frozen foods Most of your food should be cooked, instead of raw No to drink too much water or fresh fruit Juice drink warm water and tea

Pitta Ayurveda Diet Plan

Eat lots of refreshing fruits and vegetables Avoid spicy and sour foods Eat sweet, bitter and astringent Avoid raw and spicy dishes Eat smaller meals with 2-3 hours each day Avoid fatty foods or fried foods

Kapha Ayurveda diet plan

Low-fat dairy products Grains and beans Avoid tofu Avoid excess sweets and fatty foods of all kinds. Do not consume too much. sugar; limit water consumption A balance between hot and cold foods Use spicy, bitter and astringent foods, instead of sweet, sour or spicy foods

Benefits of the ayurveda diet

The many benefits of an Ayurvedic diet include its ability to help in weightloss, improve mood, relieve jaundice and decrease your risk of diabetes, among others.

Improves digestive problems. Help in the control of calories and efforts to lose weight. Improves mood and hormonal levels. Combat fatigue and insomnia Boosts the immune system Prevents jaundice Detoxifies the body and relieves stress in the kidneys Relieves inflammation caused by arthritis Download your risk of [6] diabetes

This type of diet also encourages you to eat more. organic foods that is free of any chemical and pesticides.

Ayurvedic food diet

the higher [7] The foods that can be found in an Ayurvedic diet (found in varying amounts in all three types of diet) include the following:

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Spices Soaked beans and legumes Root vegetables Seasonal fruits Seasonal vegetables Healthy fats Nuts Y seeds The meats Water wine tea Honey Lemon Ghee Almonds Figs dates Mung beans Cumin seed Ginger Cow Milk Lassi soaked sprouted grains Fermented grain

Side effects of the Ayurvedic diet

Although there are clearly many potential benefits, there are also some side effects when using an Ayurveda diet, including gastrointestinal anguish, especially when you change your diet for the first time. In addition, Ayurvedic medicine is known as a complementary and alternative medicine and should be used in conjunction with more formal medical advice, especially if you have a chronic health condition.

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