Avoid a pregnancy: busted myths

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Although contraceptives and others natality control The options have been on the market for decades, there are many myths about how to prevent pregnancy. Following these myths blindly actually leads to an increased number of unplanned pregnancies and unsafe abortions.

We take a look at the common myths about birth control and the facts that burst those myths.

Myth: Pulling during sex
Fact: This is called the abstinence method in which the man withdraws before ejaculating, but again has a 25% chance of failure and pregnancy. The pre-ejaculate may also contain sperm and may make you pregnant. Myth: jumping up and down
Fact: as silly as it sounds, it is a myth anyway and even if you run a marathon after sex, semen will not be eliminated. Myth: Certain sexual positions.
Fact: if you have had vaginal intercourse, there is always a possibility of pregnancy more in the fertile period, which depends on the duration of the monthly cycle. Even sex under water can cause pregnancy, so there is literally no safe position. Myth: I'm safe from pregnancy, because there was no penetration.
Fact: Pregnancy can occur even when a couple ejaculates or pre-ejaculates near or on their vulva. Regardless of the fact that you have vaginal sex or not, naked body contact in this region could cause pregnancy. Myth: Showering, bathing and showering can prevent pregnancy.
Fact: It is impossible to shower quickly enough to prevent sperm from fertilizing an egg. Urinating, bathing or showering will not wash the sperm. Myth: Masturbing before sex can prevent pregnancy.
Fact: only one sperm is needed to fertilize an egg, so even a very small amount of semen can make you pregnant. Semen reserves will be restored immediately. Myth: Excessive use of alcoholic drugs.
Fact: This could be the most dangerous idea, since drugs and alcohol can have serious negative effects on your health. There is absolutely no truth in the idea that medications reduce the amount of sperm or motility and prevent pregnancy. Myth: I can not get pregnant if I'm menstruating.
Fact: If you have vaginal sex during your menstrual periods, there is a possibility that you may become pregnant. Sperm have a life of two days to a week, which means that a surviving sperm could be fertilized when you ovulate. Myth: Breastfeeding can prevent pregnancy
Fact: Breastfeeding may postpone ovulation, but it is not a guarantee that you will be free from risks during breastfeeding. Oral pills or copper-t (intrauterine device) can be used safely after your gynecologist advises.

There are more than 15 contraceptive methods that are extremely safe, effective, easy to use and easily available. It is important to spread awareness and stop following blindly insecure sexual Practices and unplanned pregnancies.

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Read the full article "Prevent a Pregnancy: Mixed Myths" by Dr.Priyanka Mehta at Practo.com here: https://www.practo.com/healthfeed/avoiding-a-pregnancy-myths-busted-11901/post

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