Are you eating to improve your intestinal bacteria?

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Your gut is a place with millions of bacteria. Of these millions, some are good and others are bad. Good bacteria improve their digestion and the absorption of different nutrients in the intestine. But do you know what you should eat to improve your intestinal bacteria? Recent research has shown that eating fiber can help improve the good bacteria in your gut.

Fiber plays an important role in the improvement of your intestinal bacteria. Actually, your body does not digest the fiber in its original form, but acts as a food for the good bacteria present in your intestine. Good bacteria use fiber as their source of energy for the functioning of cells, which leads even more to the decomposition of fiber. Now, after decomposition, the soluble fiber dissolves in your system and the insoluble fiber passes relatively intact. This delays the emptying of the stomach and keeps you full for longer.

The recommended fiber intake is 35-40 grams per day. Therefore, it is important to have a diet with enough fiber because if you do not include enough fiber in your daily diet, you can increase the amount of bad bacteria in the intestine. This further reduces the amount of good bacteria and leads to slow and painful digestion, as well as various digestive problems.

High-fiber foods include lentils, black beans, peas, oats, bran flakes, whole grains, apples, and broccoli. In addition, in addition to consuming fiber, inculcate the following habits to help improve the amount of good bacteria in your intestine:

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– Include probiotic foods in your diet that include fermented products such as yogurt.

– Reduce the consumption of processed or refined foods, as they are high in sugar, fat and other chemical substances. Its regular consumption can lead to a slow digestion and cause constipation.

– Drink enough water in your day. The recommended amount is 10-12 glasses of water per day. The combination of high fiber and water will improve your digestion.

– Includes a minimum of 30 minutes of training in your day. Exercise movements help food move through your system and also improve your intestinal bacteria.

– Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. The chemicals inside cigarettes erase all the benefits of a good diet and hinder the absorption of nutrients.

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