Are Vegetable Beans or Fruits

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At some time in the past, you may have asked yourself: are the beans vegetable? – But the complete answer is a little more complicated.

Are vegetable beans, fruits, legumes or grains?

The beans are unique food, and very important in our diet. Technically speaking, beans are a mature form of vegetables and they are closely related to lentils and the peas. Vegetables are seeds, pods or other edible parts of a member of the pea family (Fabaceae). [1]

Interestingly, due to the unique nutrient composition of the beans, they also fall into other classifications, particularly when discussing diet Y nutrition. [2] by vegetarians, beans often represent a meat-free protein alternative, since the beans are famously high amino acids and protein, as much as zinc Y iron.

they are vegetable beans

Beans are also commonly considered as vegetables, because of his starchy nature and the ease with which they can be combined with other vegetables and vegetables in many dishes. [3] Beyond that, beans are also rich in nutrients commonly in vegetables, like folate Y potassium, and they are a good source of complexes. carbohydrates. In a way, this also makes them similar to grain.

Botanically, however, ripe beans in the pod are considered fruits, because they are the seed organ that grows from an ovary. [4] While "fruit" is often the last group in which beans are placed, botany can not be denied!

As you can see, beans have a versatile nutrient profile that has given them a unique status and an important place in any healthy diet.

They are vegetable or fruit beans, reference:

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