Are aluminum cookware toxic to health?

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Aluminum is the utensil used in the kitchen that is less expensive and also conducts heat efficiently. A long time ago, researchers found high levels of aluminum in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease. FDA reports have suggested that the amount of this utensil that percolates into food from kitchenware is also less than the amount present in other consumer products and foods. Since aluminum is considered to be the toxin for the body, its safety remains a controversial issue within the clients.

It is not found in kitchen utensils, but also in minerals, rocks, earth and clay, and that is how it ends up in the plant we eat. It is also added to different types of processed foods. The CDS has found that the average adult consumes 7 to 9 mg of aluminum on a regular basis. This does not include the amount that can be filtered in foods when cooking with pots or aluminum pots. It is also added to consumer products that contain aspirin, antacids, nasal spray, toothpaste and some of the cosmetics. Aluminum is something that is simply impossible to avoid.

Leaching of kitchen utensils

The amount of aluminum that seeps into the food of these cookware and utensils depends entirely on several factors. Acidic foods such as ketchup are due to the amount of aluminum seeping out of cooking utensils compared to low-acid foods such as meat or chicken. The prolonged direct contact of food with the metal, such as longer cooking or storage time, also increases the amount of food that enters. In research, it has been found that pots that are old filter more metal in food compared to new utensils and pans.

Aluminum Security

The body does not obtain any advantage from aluminum, which can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed throughout the skin. Aluminum can also damage the lungs if it is inhaled in a significant amount and is even considered a neurotoxin or an acid for the nervous system or the brain. A report was also published in 2001, and states that less than 1 percent of the aluminum ingested goes to the blood, most of which is excreted in the urine. People with severe kidney disease can get a greater amount of aluminum in the body, which can also cause anemia, dementia or bone disease.

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Aluminum and Alzheimer's disease.

In the year 1960, it was suspected that aluminum was the causative agent of Alzheimer disease. Thereafter, concerns arose about the safety of using aluminum cookware. This problem has not been resolved properly; Dietary aluminum is no longer the main suspect related to the disease. A report published in 2014 indicated that the change in the brain caused by the toxicity of aluminum is not the same as the deterioration or damage that was observed in Alzheimer's disease. There is even research on issues such as the impact of exposure and the reliability of animal studies that completed the toxicity of aluminum.


While aluminum cookware does not have health problems, it is best to follow foods low in acid in pots and pans. It is good not to store food in an aluminum container. In contrast, anodized aluminum is the best option. It is the process that hardens the surface of the kitchen utensils, sealing the surface to avoid the leaching of the utensil in the food. Care must be taken to dispose of the damaged aluminum; This can also happen with the anodized version. Other different options for kitchenware include stainless steel, glass, cast iron and modern enamel. If you suffer from kidney disease, you are likely to be at risk of aluminum toxicity, so it is best to talk with your doctor.

Healthy metals that can be used as kitchen utensils

Aluminum trays filter this in food, especially when someone cooks acidic foods such as ketchup. It is suspected that it is the main cause of several health problems. Alternatives are also available for metal cooking utensils that also offer cooking and heating properties without toxins or the leaching of heavy metals in food.

Stainless steel

The material is available in different types of alloys, with 11/18 being the safest. It means that 10 percent of the steel is nickel which also offers brightness and 18-19 percent is chromium which makes it anticorrosive. These trays could have the stainless steel layer over the aluminum or copper core. Its base provides a good heat transfer and the material offers a safe cooking surface. You can filter a small amount of nickel in different circumstances, which can be a concern for them with nickel allergies.

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Molten iron

This type of kitchen utensils is durable and resistant. His only wrong point is that it can be a heavy load to lift while cooking or cleaning. This material must be seasoned to form the natural non-stick factors and also get rid of oxidation. Your new kitchen utensils can often be found pre-seasoned and even ready to use. The small amount of iron can filter this material in food. The leached metal is considered to be the beneficial source of nutrients, according to the research. Some of the modern iron tools are also coated with ceramic or enamel that offers a durable and comfortable cooking surface without leaching.


This material is the biocompatible and non-toxic metal that is used for many medical purposes, such as dental implant devices, instruments and joint replacements. Its best advantage is that it is lightweight and also high. The titanium kitchen utensils use the aluminum base for heat transfer and even distribution. Its non-sticky and non-porous surface does not allow aluminum to seep through it. In this material, cleaning is simple, can be easily rinsed and can be dry cleaned. Food never adheres to titanium. Water or oil are not essential for cooking food in titanium trays, so foods need more nutrients and flavor.

Minimize the risk:

Never cook or store your food for a longer period in aluminum cookware. Never use scratched metal or copper utensils to store or cook food. If you have old materials, it is better to use them. If any member of your family is allergic to nickel, never use kitchen utensils that are plated with this metal. Never store foods that are acidic like tomatoes in stainless steel containers. Never use plastic containers unless they are labeled as safe microwave.

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