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Apple cider vinegar is one of the oldest drugs known to mankind, mentioned for the first time in Egyptian medical treatments, written after more than three millennia. The ancient Greek doctors used it extensively, Hippocrates himself emphasized it in his writings. Practically, people from all known areas use this popular remedy. The sour and slightly cloudy liquor resulting from the fermentation of apple cider heals no less than … one hundred of the most diverse conditions, from the common headache to the serious metabolic diseases.

Composition of apple cider vinegar:

Basically, this liquid is composed of water and organic acids, among which are predominant acetic acid plus propionic acid, lactic acid, pectin, enzymes and minimal amounts of amino acids. This cocktail of enzymes and organic acids is a powerful stimulant of digestion and metabolism, with exceptional effects in the detoxification of the body. But apple cider vinegar also has other qualities, because the fruit from which it is obtained contains some natural substances extremely useful for the body, of which we will mention some:

– potassium – An essential mineral to maintain cardiovascular health. Regulates the heart and normalizes blood pressure.

– Vitamin C – Helps the body when it needs iron assimilation, has a preventive effect on infectious diseases.

– Vitamins B1, B2 and B6. – Rejuvenating effect and delays the appearance of the signs of aging. It has a positive effect on the tone of the central nervous system.

– Izoflavonoids – are a class of organic substances contained in vinegar, which have a powerful antioxidant. They favor the normalization of the menstrual cycle in women and the renewal of erythrocytes (red blood cells).

– Magnesium and phosphorus. – two minerals found in vinegar, with a very important role in the maintenance of health and balance of the nervous system. It also has beneficial effects on the immune system and promotes the formation of bones.

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<p><strong>Diseases to be treated internally with apple cider vinegar:</strong></p>
<p>In the following list I am not going to list all the diseases that can be treated with apple cider vinegar, simply because the list is too long to be completely covered. I will only detail the main categories of diseases that respond positively to the administration of apple cider vinegar:</p>
<p><strong>Rheumatism, degenerative rheumatism.</strong> – Take three times a day, a spoonful of apple cider vinegar mixed with a teaspoon of honey. The cure lasts at least three months and has very strong effects on the detoxification of the body. In addition, certain substances contained in apple cider vinegar have anti-inflammatory effects and prevent the joint processes of aging and cartilage and epithelial degeneration.</p>
<p><strong>Lithiasis (kidney stones)</strong> – prevention and control – should be taken three times a day, a glass of plain water (low in mineral content) dissolved in 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. This cure is taken for a month.</p>
<p><strong>Obesity, weight gain</strong> – With apple cider vinegar you can make the simplest and most effective treatments to control weight. Here is one of them: drink every morning when you wake up on an empty stomach, a glass of spring water, which dissolved in two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. Then, during the day, after each meal, take a cup of water in which you added a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and two teaspoons of honey. Apple cider vinegar stimulates the processes of elimination of the body (especially the intestine) and activates certain metabolic chains that promote weight loss.</p>
<p>If you want a strong diet, use the following cure: Before each meal, no matter how rich or poor they are, they swallow two cloves of garlic with a large spoonful of apple cider vinegar and a little water. It is an exquisite taste and perhaps with a strong flavor, but the effect is worth it. We must also remember that the cure for the digestive tract is quite difficult, there are more than seven days in a row, followed by a rest of seven days.</p>
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Cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia, biliary lithiasis – most people who have problems with the ball could be more problem-free by taking 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar 10 minutes before each meal (20-25 minutes for people with a very strong appetite for the food).

Frequent indigestion, hypoacid. – Drink a quarter of a glass of water that was diluted in a teaspoon of vinegar 5-10 minutes before meals and immediately after eating. The vinegar stimulates salivation, the secretion of gastric juices and increases the peristalsis of the digestive tract. "apple sizes =" "height =" "width =" "></a></p>
<p><strong>Loss of appetite, anemia, injury due to weakness in children.</strong> – Popular medicine, in all cases, recommends taking a teaspoon of vinegar mixed with a teaspoon of honey before each meal (the dose should be reduced by half for children under five years). Apple cider vinegar, in addition to stimulating appetite and digestion, helps the absorption of iron and other essential minerals from food, favors the production of erythrocytes (red blood cells), stimulates the central nervous system very gently, inducing a state of vitality and tone. In addition to internal use, weekly massages are recommended throughout the body with apple cider vinegar, especially for weak children who become easily ill.</p>
<p><strong>Migraines</strong> – Particularly those that occur as a result of hepatobilia.</p>
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