Anorexia – Obsession of appearance

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At opposite poles, anorexia (appetite has almost completely decreased) and bulimia (eating too much solid food) have the same center of power: an obsession with the appearance of the body. Many of those who suffer from serious eating disorders are not aware of the problem and do not give up easily with these dangerous practices.

The main cause of anorexia is an obsession with a thin body, completely fueled by fashion trends, the silhouettes of models on the catwalk, celebrity-promoted diets and even in stores where it is very difficult to find clothes from Size XL or XXL. Right, a harmonious body is healthy, but this extreme desire to be weak can be deadly.

Anorexics die of hunger and prefer liquids over solid foods, coffee and tobacco to appease the natural sensation of hunger. In many cases, anorexia is associated with drug and alcohol use.

The victims are "recruited" from adolescents (mainly girls), from those who live from the image (it was found that, paradoxically, anorexia is a disease especially among rich people) and the elderly who have lost their desire to live (especially men with an age of 70 years).

Distrust of oneself and personality, lack of friends and hobbies, negligence of parents, lack of affection can cause an acute need for change in young people. And deep deception, lack of goals, family, friends, loss of home or other important assets are the culprits of triggering anorexia in mature people.

In addition, research has shown that anorexics have a dysfunction of the hypothalamus, part of the brain responsible for regulating metabolism. The alarm signal is activated when the patient weighs 15% less than what is normal for his height and age.

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Symptoms and Risks

Depending on the particularities of each person, the symptoms vary, but generally they are: refusal to eat in public, anxiety, dizziness, sensitive skin, bad breath, obsession with calories, lack of at least three consecutive menstrual periods.

The most obvious symptom, however, is the unbalanced weight according to age, height and constitution. The negative consequences include loss of minerals and vitamins, low body temperature, irregular heartbeat, osteoporosis, bulimia, vomiting after eating food, fatigue, constipation, pain in the mouth, candida, urinary tract infections, depression, uremia, the risk of giving birth Children are born prematurely or unhealthy, miscarriage.

Women who have suffered from anorexia and will give birth to a child should see a doctor regularly to comply with strict rules and sports nutrition. 25% of the anorexics try to commit suicide and, unfortunately, around 50% of them are successful.

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