Ancient practices of the healthiest tribes in the world

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What hidden clues about optimal health can we learn from the few remaining isolated populations in the world? Is it some special sacred spice, or a deep and difficult meditation? Is it just geography, or luck? After watching the latest release on FMTV. 'Goshen' which represents the diet and active lifestyle of the Tarahumara indigenous tribe, we have been curious about the traditional practices that we can implement in our own lives!

For hundreds of years, humans have observed other cultures to discover the secrets of longevity and quality of life …………

1. Tarahumara tribe (Copper canyons, Mexico)

A tribe of light corridors from Copper Canyon in Mexico is recognized for its incredible long distance resistance! The tribe uses trail running to send messages and communicate between families and is an important part of their lifestyle. Running was also important for hunting animals, chasing the deer until they were too tired to escape. His fast feet have resisted modern chronic disease for centuries. The combination of endurance as you run while taking in the sun of nature has helped the Tarahumara tribe to become one of the healthiest tribes in the world! To learn more about this tribe, check out the The FMTV movie 'Goshen' can be seen here!

2. Inuit / Yupik (Expansions of Northern Russia, the United States, Canada and Greenland)

The Inuit / Yupik are better known as "Eskimos" and have adapted to the harsh sub-zero climate of the north. Its diet is HIGH in saturated fats due to the consumption of seals, fish, whales and terrestrial animals such as reindeer, elk and caribou. This low-carbohydrate, high-protein, high-fat diet would send the modern doctor to concussion! However, the Eskimos have a much lower rate of heart attacks than the populations of the United States and Canada. But the most important finding of all this is that the protein and fat they consume comes from wild animals.

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3. Massai tribe (Kenya and northern Tanzania)

The Massai tribe of Kenya and northern Tanzania has fascinated researchers for years! The tribe lives mainly from the breeding of its cattle in which cattle and milk provide a large proportion of their diet. This high consumption of fat and high consumption of meat baffles researchers, as the Massai manages to avoid lifestyle diseases caused by a similar diet consumed by people in the West. Unlike the Tarahumara tribe, the Masai do not run much, but always move moderately, whether walking or attending the farm, they move up to 75% more than the average person in the West every day! The Massai tribe has a much lower rate of high blood pressure, cholesterol, weight problems and, interestingly, they also have one of the lowest dental caries rates in the world!

So, how can we live like these tribes?

Although we can not really live like the Tarahumara in Mexico or the Eskimos in the North, we can use the principles that these tribes implement in their daily lives to avoid chronic diseases today! The important message that comes from this article is that we need to move our body daily. A mix of high-intensity workouts and moderate incidental exercise (such as climbing the stairs instead of the elevator) can do wonders for the body: it can strengthen bones, improve cardiovascular activity and increase circulation … It will also make you feel good. Another important point of these longevity tribes is that consuming saturated fats is OK! The difference between the fat we consume and the Massai and Eskimos is that their sources are not refined. As we all know, choosing an unrefined diet and whole foods is always the best.

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For more information on how the "Tarahumara" tribe is one of the healthiest tribes in the world, check out the incredible FMTV movie "Goshen" here.


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