Anal itching (anal itching): causes and symptoms

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Anal itching It may seem a small problem in terms of general health, but at the same time, it is very annoying.

What is anal itching?

Intense Itch problems centered mainly around the year It is called "anal itching." The sensation of itching is accompanied by an almost undeniable desire to scratch the affected area. Anal itching is also known as Anal itching. [1] It occurs mainly in men, and the specific reasons behind anal itching have not yet been fully identified.

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Anal itching is caused due to a variety of factors including:

Dry skin, which is prone to happen because of the natural aging of the skin. The pressure created due to sitting for long hours. Excessive humidity due to loss. stool and chemical sweating irritants Anal tumors Fissures and abrasions Fungal infections Skin disorders Laxatives

The symptoms

The main symptoms of anal itching include:

Pain Burning sensation Itching Inflammation

Anal itching (pruritus in the anus): causes and symptoms, reference:

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