Always tired? Find out what is causing this!

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Whether you are at work or in your free time, either in the morning or at night, went for a walk or simply relaxed at home reading a book or watching television, you have the same feeling: you are always exhausted. It's not that you've ever participated in a convict work competition, but you're exhausted every day and with bad headphones. What could this be?

Anemia, the main cause of fatigue in women.

Polyps and uterine fibroids, intense menstrual periods or the recent birth of a child that involves a large loss of blood can cause anemia. The blood test indicated a deficiency of hemoglobin and red blood cells, and as a result there is not enough oxygen in the tissues and internal organs. In addition, anemia can be caused by internal bleeding, iron deficiency, folic acid, vitamin B12 or chronic diseases such as kidney failure. In all these cases, in addition to fatigue, the symptom picture is reinforced by dizziness, pale skin, weakness and in forms of sudden loss of consciousness.

The treatment usually consists of taking supplements that contain essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins, especially groups B and C, and the establishment of a diet rich in iron: spinach, broccoli and red meat.

Hypothyroidism, thyroid hormone deficiency.

If faced with a general laziness, along with a slight depression, it could be hypothyroidism, which occurs when the disease does not produce enough thyroid hormone (whose function is to control how the body spends energy). The risk of developing hypothyroidism increases with age and, according to the American Thyroid Foundation, approximately 17% of women over 60 do not realize they have such disorders.

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The disease is caused by a disorder of the immune system, also known as Hashimoto's thyroiditis. The body's defense system attacks the thyroid gland and destroys the cells responsible for producing the secreted hormones. The treatment consists of taking synthetic hormones.

Urinary tract infections

Although women tend to associate the disease with symptoms such as frequent urination pain and doctors warn that fatigue may be the first sign of kidney disease. UI occurs more frequently in women and is caused by bacteria entering the urinary tract, facilitated by the position near the urethral orifice. The treatment consists of the oral administration of antibiotics.

Caffeine overdose

For greater potency, many women resort to stimulants such as a cup of coffee or a glass of cola, several times during the day. Unfortunately, for some of these so-called revitalization treatments it has the opposite desired effect. In an article published in the prestigious magazine U.S. Pharmacist shows that substance abuse leads to energy loss, in some cases, the installation of fatigue. As people try to banish fatigue, they consume caffeine-based products and fatigue becomes more pronounced.

Intolerance to food

Some doctors believe that intolerance to certain foods can cause drowsiness. The intolerance can take around three or four days, until the body completely eliminates the ingested substances. The disease occurs most often in the form of "hidden", which means that the person who takes a harmful food will never suspect that it is precisely the problem that is caused. Food intolerance is most often caused by fructose, lactose, alcohol, certain types of fiber, food additives, and preservatives.

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Sleep apnea

People with this disorder stop breathing several times during sleep for a few seconds or a minute. In this way, the dream is superficial and those interested feel exhausted throughout the day. The cause of sleep apnea is obstruction of the airways, especially in obese women, and snoring is a first symptom. The treatment involves changes in lifestyle, adopting a diet to lose weight, quitting smoking and, last but not least, using a special device during sleep (CPAP), which keeps the airway open through a comfortable mask

Cardiovascular disease

If you are very tired after doing activities that do not require much energy, it may be time to consult a cardiologist. And it is possible that your heart is not pumping enough blood flow to the rest of the organs and tissues, and that the lack of oxygen and necessary nutrients reflect fatigue.

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