Aluminum foil: Can it be used as an efficient treatment?

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Aluminum foil has its function in the kitchen, but can it also be used as a treatment? Oddly enough, people use aluminum foil to cure certain conditions. Once used in this way only by a few people, mainly from Asian culture, aluminum foil has gained the trust of more and more people around the world. Alternative medicine suggests that its effect on our health condition should be taken into consideration.

Aluminum foil treatment

What cure?

If you look for the results of the treatments with aluminum foil, you will discover that you can treat almost everything from colds and flu to back pain, heel pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arthritis or even scars. Whenever almost everyone has suffered from these common diseases that aluminum foil promises to cure, it is normal to want to find more information about their abilities.

Anti-inflammatory effect

It seems that aluminum foil can fight inflammations. It is said that this is responsible for a faster healing of a cold or flu without medication, but also to relieve all types of pain.

Other forms of healing

Supporters of alternative medicine from China and Russia claim that the healing powers of aluminum can be explained through bioenergy. A Russian scientist named Skvortsov says that aluminum foil is impenetrable by radiation, but can store them. Therefore, when covered with aluminum, a patient will heal more easily because they will no longer be exposed to inharmonic radiation and their own inharmonic radiation Being enclosed in aluminum.

How to use it

Even if you agree or disagree with bioenergetic theory, why not try aluminum foil? In fact, you have nothing to lose. You can still take advantage of its properties.

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If you suffer from muscle pain or joint pain, this is what you have to do: take an aluminum foil and place it in the affected area. You must make sure that the sheet stays in place, so that you can use a bandage or even an adhesive tape to hold it. Let it act a whole day or all night and then remove it. Chinese therapists suggest repeating the process for 10 to 12 days in a row. If you still feel some pain, it is recommended to take a break and, after one or two weeks, you can repeat the therapy.

If you have just had a cold, you can think of trying something a little different this time. Aluminum foil is also used to cure flu and strong colds. In these cases, your feet have to be wrapped with aluminum foil. The required number of layers is from five to seven. It is also important to place some cotton or paper between the layers of aluminum. After an hour, remove all of them. After another two hours, repeat the therapy and leave your feet wrapped for another hour. You have to repeat the whole process one more time, and you finished the therapy for a day. You can continue with the treatment only for two or three days, until you feel better, but it is recommended to continue until you have a full week of therapy.

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