Allicin – Crush to release the health benefits of garlic

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Since the first recorded history of mankind, garlic has been used for several crops for medicinal purposes.

Healers from Rome, Egypt, Greece, China, Japan and India, who had no opportunity to interact, We all use garlic to treat the same ailments.. According to these ancient civilizations, garlic increases metabolism and energy, helps with respiratory problems and protects the cardiovascular system.

A pungent and powerful heart protector

Studies conducted at the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that garlic was substantially able to lower blood pressure by relaxing the arteries.

The lead author, David Kraus, Ph.D. states: "The role of garlic compounds in the prevention of … heart attack or stroke, and in limiting the growth of cancer and the progression of various diseases is well documented."

health benefits image of garlicThe Kraus team confirmed the results of the researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Albert Einstein's researchers had previously shown that patients who had suffered heart attacks benefited from eating garlic. Those patients who took a diet rich in garlic suffered less cell damage during their cardiac event.

Garlic produces hydrogen sulfide when crushed, and the UAB researchers discovered that when they ate, crushed garlic directly caused a relaxation of blood vessels of up to 72%. Kraus added: "A diet rich in garlic has many good effects, and hydrogen sulfide can be the common mediator."

As it ages, the production of hydrogen sulfide decreases. The health benefits of garlic maintain its overall healthy levels, working continuously to low blood pressure and protect your heart.

From the chemical reaction to a powerful antioxidant

The aroma and flavor of garlic come from another incredible compound called Allicin. For years, scientists have considered garlic to be one of the most powerful antioxidants, but they could not determine exactly how it works.

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Researchers now believe that it is the "Release of allicin" well folded because the allicin is do not Present in a whole clove of garlic. It is only created when the garlic is crushed.

It is this decomposition of garlic that produces the acid that reacts immediately to neutralize free radicals. The reaction is faster than any other antioxidant.

Derek Pratt led the study published in 2009 in the international chemistry journal, Angewandte Chemie. He explains: "If Allicin was responsible for this [antioxidant] Activity in garlic, we wanted to find out how it worked. No one has seen natural or synthetic compounds that react as quickly as antioxidants. "

Although there are other members of the Alliaceae Family, like onions, nothing is as powerful as the health benefits of garlic.

The protective effects of the health benefits of garlic in key functions:

Prevents cardiomyopathy – a form of heart disease in diabetics
• Reduce the cholesterol
• Prevents the formation of blood clots.
• Prevention of prostate cancer.
• Blood detoxification.
• Destroys bacterial infections.
• Lowers blood pressure and relaxes blood vessels
• Reduces inflammation and relieves the pain of arthritis
• Reduces arterial plaque and calcium deposits in the arteries.

Do not lose the benefits of cooking!

The Agricultural Research Service (ARS, for its acronym in English) recommends first crush the garlic to release the important compounds and then bake it lightly to ensure you keep all the health benefits of garlic inside … just where you want it .

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Never cook the garlic in the microwave; This takes away valuable anti-disease properties.

Dr. Leo Galland, MD, recommends 2 teaspoons per day for the most effective benefits. Garlic is a natural anticoagulant, so avoid eating large amounts if you have a bleeding disorder or take anticoagulants.

Add garlic to soups, salads, meats and sautéed vegetables for a distinctive flavor that the whole family will love, while protecting your DNA and increasing your body's health.

Ancient civilizations knew exactly what they were talking about.

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