Ajwain (carambola seeds) – Health benefits (weight loss) and side effects

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Ajwain (carambola seeds) - Health benefits (weight loss) and side effects

Ajwain, scientific name – Trachyspermum copticum, also known as algae seed or bishop carambola, is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae (Umbelliferae).

The Umbellifers, which has approximately 2,700 members, are small flowering shrubs (as are members of the parsley or carrot family) that also include a broad category of herbs and spice plants such as fennel, parsley, dill , the anise and the caraway.

It's an annual herbal plant Growing up to three feet tall. The seeds are olive green to brown, similar in appearance to caraway or caraway seeds marked with vertical stripes on their outer surface.

However, they can be easily distinguished from caraway and caraway by their small size and an elliptical shape. Its flavor resembles thyme, as they comprise essential oil, thymol.

the plant it originated in the eastern Mediterranean, possibly Egypt, and spread to India from the Near East. At present, it is grown mainly in India and Iran.

Fruits are rarely eaten raw. Commonly roasted or fried in butter, clarified butter. This allows this herb to develop a more subtle and complex aroma.

nutritional information

The seeds contain: dietary fiber (11.9%), carbohydrates (38.6%), tannins, glycosides, humidity (8.9%), protein (15.4%), fat (18.1%), saponins, flavone and mineral matter (7.1%). It contains phosphorus, calcium, iron and nicotinic acid. Ajwain fruits produce 2% to 4% brownish essential oil, with thymol as the main component (35% to 60%).

Health benefits of Ajwain (carambola seeds)

Therapeutic uses These seeds also include antiseptic, carminative, expectorant, antiparasitic, antimicrobial, antiplatelet-aggregatory and antilitiasis, as well as the treatment of common cold and acute pharyngitis. Galactagogues and diuretic activities have also been observed.

Flu and coldsnorth

The seeds contain about 50 percent thymol, a well-known antibacterial essential oil and, together with thyme, can be used to boost the immune system and prevent flu, colds and other viral infections.

Thymol is also used in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, lack of appetite and bronchial problems. In addition, it helps to release mucus and phlegm from the nasal passages.

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Relief of flatulence, gas and bloating

In the case of flatulence, Trachyspermum copticum and dry ginger in equal weight can be soaked in two and a half times the amount of lemon juice. This mixture is then dried and pulverized with a little black salt.

A teaspoon taken with a little warm water does wonders. In addition, it is very useful to relieve the spasmodic pain of the intestines and stomach in children and adults, and is a good antacid agent.

Improves digestionEasily digestible foods

Consuming 1 tablespoon of raw seeds with a natural candy can help you get rid of indigestion. If you continue to experience these types of problems, it is time to consult a doctor.

In addition, you may be able to overcome many types of digestion problems with changes in lifestyle.

Beneficial during pregnancyBetter during pregnancy

Due to its excellent healing and anti-inflammatory properties, it is ideal for mothers who are breastfeeding and pregnant. The seeds also maintain good fetus health. But, it is advisable to consult a nutritionist in the case of any side effects.

Ajwain water is also considered to accelerate recovery after delivery. After pregnancy, it is known that the plant heals the woman's body internally and helps maintain blood circulation. In some cases, it is also considered that the plant improves the production of breast milk in nursing mothers.


They are useful to reduce migraines. The exact cause of this condition is not known, but it is a common problem in the United States, affecting approximately 12 percent of the population.

Dissolves fatsLost

Drink half a glass of water with soaked carambola. seeds on an empty stomach. This will dissolve fats. Consume 1 teaspoon of carambola seeds on an empty stomach each morning. It helps to lose about 4 to 5 kg in a month.

Respiratory system

One of the therapeutic effects of Trachyspermum copticum is its effect on the respiratory system. It is used as anti-dyspnea and anti-asthma in traditional medicine.

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In this context, numerous analyzes have been carried out that include inhibitory and relaxing effects on histamine receptors, an antitussive effect in guinea pigs, a stimulant effect on the adrenergic receptors of the tracheal smooth muscle of guinea pigs and their bronchodilator effect on airways of asthmatic individuals.


They contain dietary fiber that can help you lose weight and be significantly healthier.

According to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the goal of consuming at least 30 grams of dietary fiber a day, can lower your blood pressure, can help you lose weight and improve your body's response to insulin (this is very good for type 2 diabetics) as efficiently as a more complicated diet.

In addition, another study published in the Journal of Nutrition concluded that by increasing your dietary fiber intake by 8 grams per 1,000 calories, you can lose approximately 4½ pounds in 2 years.

Side effects of Ajwain (carambola seeds)

While the bishop's weed is safe for daily use when taken in moderate doses, care should be taken when using it for long-term consumption, as it may cause photosensitivity in some people, especially when taken regularly for prolonged periods.

In addition, this remarkable spice should also be avoided by individuals suffering from liver diseases, diverticulitis conditions and ulcerative colitis.

How to eat

They can be consumed in different dressings for salads, recipes for appetizers or as a substitute for oregano and thyme. In addition, these seeds are used to make pickles.


Keep these seeds away from moisture and direct sunlight, in an airtight bottle. They can stay fresh for 1 year.


Marjoram, better known as oregano, has a similar flavor, which makes it perfect as a replacement for these seeds.

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