After reading this, you will not have to worry about the calories in Magnum's ice cream!

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Summer is here! And along with it our unrequited love for ice creams! I think we speak for everyone when we say that summer will not be summers without a little indulgence of ice cream.

And just to emphasize our point, enter the delicious Magnum ice cream, with its attractive posters that look like nothing less than a fantasy world full of beautifully carved ice creams that enjoy beautifully sculpted divas like Kareena Kapoor; In short, the perfect vision of paradise where angels can enjoy the sinful indulgences they want without having to worry about the explosion of calories. But unfortunately we live in the real world, where too much ice cream can begin to get in the way of the button closure of our jeans, rather than underlining the painful reminder that life is real, without fantasy.

The science of desire is such that our brain, right in the place of a tempting bowl of ice cream, turns on the pleasure centers, creating an absolute need to have ice cream at that moment. He continually reminds us how smooth and tempting his taste is and how happy he was to us the last time we had it. So, naturally, we get weak in the knees and after a half-hearted reminder of how it will ruin our diet, we give up and simply sit down with our own bowl that promises to give us a lifetime of happiness and other thoughts are only activated when the damage is fact. Since, it is foolish to act against the force of nature (read love), we decided to plan all your treatment with Magnum. From its nutritional value, the calories involved in how to burn the guilt! Leaving us the promise to live many more memorable meetings with our beloved!

Nutritional table of the three magnums bars available:

NutrientsMagnum Classic (87g = 1 bar)Almond Magnum (79g = 1 bar)Chocolate Truffle Magnum (83g = 1 bar)Calories300270340 Carbohydrates26 g (1 g of sugar + 25 g of sugars) 24 g (1 g of sugar in the diet + 22 g of sugar + 1 g of alcohol) 34 g (2 g of sugar in the diet + 3 g of sugar) )%

Now, how to burn the 300 calories * ingested after the moment of eternal happiness has passed and faded away.

Dance the calories out: It's okay! Dancing in any dance exercise program for 40 minutes will make those 300 calories vanish instantly.

Running the stairs: Just run and go down the stairs for 30 minutes and mentally parted from the guilt pangs that arose right after you finished eating.

Songs from Groove to Zumba: Another fun way to burn more than 300 calories is a zumba session of one hour in which you do not realize when you burn the calories, as it ends up having a lot of fun.

Stepping Out: A session of one hour of energetic walking will cause those calories to evaporate from your body and refresh you.

Step on the pedal: One hour of cycling at moderate speed can help you balance the volume of ice cream and leave it bright.

Jump to happiness: Jumping rope is another effective way to get rid of unwanted calories, just do this for 30 minutes and feel the euphoria of being an angel that never has to worry about your waist.

Swim to pleasure lands free of guilt.: A one-hour swim session can also help you burn those 300 annoying calories that were delivered without your permission.

Apart from these, you can always go to see more exercises at home that can help you get fit and allow you to enjoy your magnum on the side.

* The result of fat burning varies from person to person with respect to their age and weight.

Although magnums are high in calories like all other ice creams, it also has a good amount of essential nutrients such as vitamin A, calcium and iron that help our body function well. The high carbohydrate content will help provide an instant boost of energy in a body lacking in fuel, but keep in mind that if your body is not lacking in fuel, these additional carbohydrates will only make room in your fat cells and increase your weight. So be careful if you're already full, stuffing yourself with one of these decadent beauties can lead to a definitive waist expansion!

Another thing that looks at us directly is the level of cholesterol that is destined to be high, since ice cream is made from whole milk and cream, but remember that people who try to gain weight or muscle often eat foods rich in cholesterol. Whoever comes to the gym regularly tries to avoid high-cholesterol foods.

Being aware of the number of times you work can be a key solution to balance your weight and your desire, along with a little exercise, of course. So just remember to enjoy only a calculated number of times so that the times you end up eating it, enjoy it to the fullest. Research shows that the more times you feed your cravings, the higher your cravings will be. So discipline that mind of yours to maintain that body of yours!

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