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Grool is a lubricant that all women produce when they are sexually active and are called vaginal discharge. Grool is very familiar to all women. Each girl experiences contrast. It is normal and varies in color, quantity, fragrance and balance. Although, all these factors also throughout the menstruation of each woman.

The cervix and the vaginal glands (inside) excrete this fluid known as Grool. To prevent bacteria and dead cells inside the vagina. This liquid makes the coupling more pleasant and forgiving for both. In addition, it keeps your vagina clean, moist and reduces the danger of infection. Some girls have white, while others have a creamy Grool. Flows out during breastfeeding, ovulation and when sexually aroused (having or after having sex). Your smell may differ if you do not get sanitation or during pregnancy.

Sometimes, many women experience it in excessive amounts. There are many different reasons behind this.

Ovulation: the vagina and wall of the gland (inside the cervix) secrete a normal white vaginal discharge. But the amount of discharge also depends on the hormones. The volume of progesterone (a steroid hormone produced in the ovary) increases during this constructive metabolism that offers regular and thick vaginal discharge. However, it is completely reasonable, there is no need to worry about it.

Sexually aroused: just before or during sex, certain hormones modulate the secretion of this lubricant discharge. But you feel an excessive discharge when you feel highly intimate.

Pregnancy: Thick, creamy vaginal discharge is healthy and extremely beneficial for a pregnant woman who keeps her vagina away from infection. This luxurious release provides the vagina with a useful bacterium with a healthy atmosphere to thrive. A more massive discharge in pregnancy means an easier delivery of the baby.

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Sexually transmitted infection: Havier secretion is often caused by sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases occur mainly when a woman has many sexual partners. It is determined by the unusual symptoms of discharge. It has a green, creamy, gray or yellow color with a strong fishy smell. Trichomonas is a parasite that infects women, and some other sexually transmitted infections are chlamydia or gonorrhea, which cause unusual symptoms such as burning during urination and bleeding between periods.

Vaginitis: when a good bacterium is unbalanced within the vaginal tissue, it leads the woman to a vaginitis that is determined due to the change in the amount, smell (pool) and color (green). It's all because he wears tight clothes, body cleansers with fragrance and showers. Having oral antibiotics can cure you quickly.

Stress: the flow of vaginal fluids during stress is due to a hormonal imbalance within the body. Regular stress can lead to excessive discharge. In such a case, relax, otherwise you may create additional vaginal complications.

Bacterial vaginosis: it is an increase in the mucus secretion that is due to an infection caused by a bacterium called Gardnerella Vaginalis. If you feel an increase in mucus secretion that has a gray or yellow color of vaginal discharge along with redness of the vagina, fishy odor, vaginal burning and itching, it can be a bacterial vaginosis. Check with doctors to get rid of such infections. However, it does not spread through intercourse. Although, it is not evident that women get infected with this infection.

The changes in Grool are natural since at some point you can have thin and watery discharges. While at other times, you may experience a thick and sticky discharge. If the Grool begins to make you feel pain or irritation. You can consult with doctors who may sometimes involve examining the outside of your genitals (vulva) and a sample of discharge.

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