9 safe essential oils for aromatherapy during pregnancy

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Aromatherapy It has become one of the most. popular alternative remedies for various health conditions in recent years, including those related to pregnancy. [1] Essential oils used in aromatherapy are typically derived from a variety of plants and herbs Found throughout the world. There are hundreds of combinations of essential oils that have been found to relieve or cure conditions. The natural aspect of this technique also makes it attractive to those people who are concerned about the use of unnecessary pharmaceutical treatments.

One of the most stressful moments in any woman's life is pregnancy, and although having a baby can be one of the most important and beautiful experiences in life, it can also cause a series of side effects in the body that can be challenging. . To say the least Therefore, many women seek alternative Treatments in addition to dangerous medications (and their inevitable side effects) and aromatherapy are becoming increasingly popular. [2]

However, the sensitivity of the body during pregnancy also makes certain aromatherapy. essential Potentially dangerous oils [3] It is very important to know what essential oils are safe to use, what effects they have specifically on the body and what essential oils you should be careful to avoid. With that knowledge, you can have a safe and happy pregnancy, as well as relief from a range of conditions that normally affect pregnant women.

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Safe essential oils during pregnancy


It is said that this essential oil promotes feelings of relaxation and calmness, while helping to balance hormones. In addition, it can reduce the pain experienced during pregnancy.

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Ylang Ylang

this is one of the most important Essential oils to use during pregnancy. [4] It is known that it reduces blood pressure, which one low stress Levels and promotes relaxation. [5]


Is natural so that your immune system weakens during pregnancy due to the extra stress in your body. [6] Eucalyptus essential oil. it is an antiinflammatory, antisepticand an antiviral substance, which can keep you and your baby healthy.


This essential oil is very good for Indigestion, which many women commonly suffer. [7] In addition, it can stimulate spirits both during pregnancy and after delivery. depression.


Many pregnant women suffer from Headaches and muscle pain, as well as indigestion. Chamomile essential oil has been known to relieve these types of symptoms.


This essential oil can help you relax and you get to sleep, a problem for many pregnant women. [8] Acts as a sedative and an antidepressant, which can often happen to pregnant women, especially after giving birth, if they suffer postpartum. depression.


It is said that this oil increases the cognitive function of people at all points of their lives, but for women who suffer from confusion or dizziness during pregnancy, this will help you to keep thinking clearly.


Although this oil should only be used after the second trimester, it can help relieve pain and discomfort, as well as Swollen ankles Y varicose veins, both during pregnancy and after delivery. [9]


Orange essential oil has been praised for being a edifying and the essential oil that produces joy, which can fight those days of sadness of pregnancy that women sometimes suffer while going through the stressful moment of pregnancy. [10]

Dangerous essential oils

The essential oils in aromatherapy can be very powerful and can have very serious effects on the body. Normally, when you are not pregnant, these effects are desirable, but many oils may have Negative effects in the body full of hormones of pregnant women. [11] Normally, these have emenagogue effects, which normally regulate menstruation, but it can result in accidental miscarriages when it is used during pregnancy. Some of the essential oils to avoid during pregnancy include the following:

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Cedar Jasmine Nail Horseradish Mustard Fennel Myrrh Lemon Basil Cinnamon Black pepper Hyssop Junipe Pennyroyal Thyme Mint Rosemary

Other aromatherapy tips

Regardless of the safe essential oils you choose to use during pregnancy, you should always use more diluted versions than normal, since the effects on the body can be so dramatic. If you are using essential oils in a bath, a steam inhalation version, or in a compress, Minor dilutions (20-30% of normal). they are recommended [12]

The most important thing is to be careful and do your research before using essential oils during pregnancy. Be sure to talk with your medical professional about aromatherapy during pregnancy, in case there are other circumstances related to your pregnancy that should be taken into consideration.

9 safe essential oils for aromatherapy during pregnancy, reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/parenting/pregnancy/aromatherapy-during-pregnancy.html

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