9 reasons to add activated charcoal to your beauty routine + 17 ways to use it

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Activated carbon, also known as activated carbon, is a powder fact when the common charcoal is heated in such a way that many internal spaces or "pores" are developed that help to trap chemical substances.

This pure black powder, which is used in gas masks and water purifiers, is also sold in capsule form, and it is a common additive in many skin care products.

However, you do not need to spend money on expensive lotions and creams to take advantage of the detoxifying capabilities of activated carbon. Read on to discover how and because Use activated charcoal in your beauty regime.

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9 reasons to add activated carbon to your beauty regime

1. A totally natural ingredient

Every day, the average woman uses twelve products that contain 168 different ingredients! Many of these chemical additives have a negative impact in the condition of our skin, and our health in general.

In fact, put chemical products on the skin or scalp. may at present be worse than eating them! When toxins are ingested, the enzymes in the saliva and stomach break them down so that they can be expelled from the body. However, the chemicals applied directly to the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream without any type of filtering.

Activated carbon is an all-natural product that does not add to your body's chemical load. It is also less likely to cause adverse reactions on the skin and body than conventional beauty products.

2. Antibacterial and antifungal properties

Activated carbon has antibacterial and antifungal properties. properties, so it is a fantastic addition to any skin or hair care routine.

Even pathogenic E. coli has been he found In research to be destroyed by contact with activated carbon.

3. Unlock the pores

This type of charcoal works wonders to clean the pores from the organic impurities responsible for black pimples.

Acts by absorbing oil, deep waste and environmental pollutants to detoxify the skin.

After using, your skin should feel soft and your pores should be visibly refined, with less black spots. Some people may notice that charcoal remains in the pores as blackheads; This can be easily removed with a steam container or by rubbing gently with a warm cloth.

4. Balances oily skin.

People with oily skin can use activated charcoal as a face mask or face wash to help extract excess oil.

For this reason, activated charcoal is best used once or twice a week, to prevent the skin from drying out too much.

5. Gently exfoliate

Many facial scrubs contain tiny plastic balls that wreak havoc on the environment and aquatic life (An estimate 19 tons of microbeads per year arrive only at water courses in New York).

The texture of the coal makes it a gentle natural exfoliant that does not impact the environment. It helps eliminate sebum and dead skin cells from the face, while its antimicrobial properties help prevent skin infections.

Activated charcoal can be mixed with a variety of liquids to make an exfoliant that is suitable for your skin's needs. Try using honey or jojoba oil for dry skin, or add a little sugar or salt for a harder washing action. The essential oils further increase the bactericidal properties.

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6. whiten the teeth

This detoxifying powder can be used with toothpaste or just to whiten teeth naturally and softly.

It works by adhering to many of the organic substances that stain the teeth, such as coffee, red wine, nicotine and plaque. Although it lifts stains, it can not whiten naturally darker or yellow teeth.

While activated carbon is abrasive, it tends to be softer than many other products used in toothpastes bought in the store – But it's still an abrasive, so do not overuse it or rub it too hard.

7. Soothes insect bites and irritation.

Irritated skin, whether caused by bee stings, Poison Ivyor insect bites – You can benefit from the application of activated carbon.

If applied quickly, charcoal can help extract the toxin and reduce both pain and swelling.

8. clean the hair

The carbon helps to clean the hair in depth, eliminating toxins and even unpleasant odors from the strands, and is especially useful for people with medium to oily hair.

Adding a capsule to your regular shampoo will make your strands feel absolutely clean. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of this dark powder.

9. Reduces dandruff and heals conditions of the scalp

Dandruff can be caused by fungal infections and irritated skin and fat, two conditions with which activated charcoal can help. Rub a little carbon on your scalp before washing with shampoo, or mix it with your normal shampoo.

However, if your condition of dandruff or scalp is caused by dry skin, you may want to skip this treatment.

17 recipes of activated charcoal for the face, skin, teeth and hair

Mask to bust the pimple – In addition to the detoxification capabilities of activated carbon, this mask contains Bentonite clay, which acts as a magnet to extract dirt and black pimples from the pores. It also helps kill the bacteria that contribute to the spots.

Pore ​​minimization mask – Along with charcoal and bentonite clay, this recipe requires Matcha green tea powder. This triad of super ingredients is an anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory detoxifying mask that reduces the size of pores and regenerates skin cells.

Home Facial Cleaner – a gentle exfoliating cleanser that kills bacteria and removes impurities. Even better, it also doubles as a moisturizer! Contains organic coconut oil, activated carbon, sodium bicarbonate, lavender oil and Rosemary oil.

Foaming facial scrub – a natural toner, cleanser and all-in-one fat cleanser, this recipe soaps well and contains only five ingredients: rose water, activated charcoal, water, liquid soap from castillaY lavender essential oil.

DIY charcoal pore strips – A simple recipe so you do not get out of the expensive pore strips. Thanks to the combination of gelatin and activated carbon, these really extract impurities and black spots. The 6-minute video gives a step-by-step demonstration.

Non-toxic eyeliner – Frame your eyes without exposing them to aggressive chemicals. This easy-to-make eyeliner also doubles as a cream eye shadow! You will need nutritious coconut oil, soothing aloe vera gel and activated charcoal.

eye mask – This totally natural homemade mask really makes your eyes stand out by darkening, separating and conditioning the eyelashes. While it is not waterproof, it remains all day and is easy to clean. With coconut oil, aloe vera gel, beeswax and activated carbon.

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Teeth whitening – this & # 39; recipe & # 39; It could not be easier – just apply some activated charcoal to your toothbrush and apply it over your teeth. Let it sit for three minutes before washing it. This simple trick serves to remove stains like coffee, tea, wine and plate.

Cinnamon clove and clove powder – You can use this powder as if it were a paste – just tilt it a little on your toothbrush. Made with bentonite clay, calcium powder, sodium bicarbonate, sea salt, cinnamon, clove and activated carbon. Both cloves and cinnamon are powerful. antimicrobial agents It has been shown that cinnamon kills the bacteria that cause it. bad breath.

2-component body scrub – one of the simplest beauty products to make at home – and an excellent recipe for beginners – this involves mixing activated charcoal with a liquid of your choice. Try orange blossom or rose water, an infusion of herbs or, for very dry skin, olive or coconut oil.

Tinted Gel for Brow – Enhance your eyebrows and keep the rebellious hair under control, with this simple and natural gel that contains aloe vera, Fair Trade cocoa powder, activated charcoal and some nutritious vitamin E oil.

Tea tree charcoal soap – A detoxifying, exfoliating, cleansing and wellness soap that can be used from head to toe, without drying the skin. It's also incredibly easy to do: you'll only need a soap base of shea butter, activated charcoal and tea tree essential oil.

Charcoal soap and Rose Clay Spa – This beautiful two tone soap will make every day a day to pamper! Made with a soap base of casting and shedding of shea, activated charcoal and pink clay; and perfumed with essential oils of sandalwood, rose and tangerine.

Clarifying shampoo – The perfect natural clarifying shampoo for those with accumulation of products. It is also ideal for people with itching, scaling or scalp pain. The ingredients include sodium bicarbonate, borax, activated carbon powder, and water. This product can be used on wet or dry hair and even works for those that are not.

Activated carbon and salicylic acid dandruff / mask for acne Homemade multi-purpose beauty products are great for saving space, time and money! This mask for acne doubles as a deterrent to dandruff thanks to its versatile ingredients, which include aspirin, raw organic honeyY witch hazel.

Save black for insect bites – a natural and traditional remedy to remove stings and splinters, while calming irritated skin. The ingredients include oil infused with marigold (learn how to make your own here), coconut oil, beeswax, bentonite clay, lavender oil and tea tree oil.

Black detoxification bath – Purify your skin from head to toe with this black bath, which comprises Epsom salts, sea salt, charcoal and a mixture of essential oils.

Do you want to try activated carbon by yourself? Pick up a activated carbon powder jar from this page on Amazon.

Reference: https://www.naturallivingideas.com/activated-charcoal-beauty-uses/, by Jayne Leonard

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