9 incredible benefits of Jiaogulan

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Consumer jiaogulan It is an ancient Chinese traditional remedy that just now begins to spread to other parts of the world.

What is Jiaogulan?

Jiaogulan is the common name of Ginostema pentaphyllum a herbaceous vineyard native to southern China that belongs to the same family as melons and squash, Cucurbitaceae. Throughout history, this grass has been used for various medicinal purposes and is believed to be a adaptogenic plant, which means that it can help your body learn how to protect itself better. [1] Fresh leaves were once consumed in Chinese culture, but their use in brewing. tea It is much more common. Jiaogulan tea has been consumed as a tonic for health and an elixir that prolongs life for hundreds of years, thanks to its wide range of saponins and antioxidants.

Also known as the south ginseng or "poor man's ginseng", this herb has a chemical composition very different from that of ginseng, but it can be used for similar purposes. With powerful antioxidant and adaptogenic compounds, drinking this tea regularly can have remarkable effects on your overall health.

Benefits of Jiaogulan

The main benefits of jiaogulan include the following:

Increasing energy levels by reducing. anxiety Y stress Getting better heart Health Preventing premature aging. Cancer prevention Weightloss Improving kidney function Trying. insomnia

We will discuss them in detail below.

Energy and resistance

The protection of the liver and kidneys, as well as the impulse to metabolism, means that jiaogulan can also improve endurance and athletic performance.

Anxiety and stress

Adaptogens are sought after for many reasons, but their Impact on Hormone levels of stress and anxiety are particularly important. [2] More specifically, it can help balance your serotonin and dopamine levels, keeping your head clear and your mood well.

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Cardiovascular health

It has been found in numerous studies that the regular consumption of this herb can lead to a decrease in general consumption. cholesterol. This, in turn, will decrease the risk of atherosclerosisheart attack, stroke and coronary heart disease. [3]


Adaptogenic compounds called Gypenosides are present in this herb, and can function as antioxidants and regulate the immune system and nervous system, putting less stress on the body and preventing signs of oxidative stress, such as wrinkles, stains, age spots, and chronic diseases. [4]


The saponins found in such high levels Within Jiaogulan they have been directly related to a lower risk of colon cancer. [5] More research is still being done on this herb and other cancers.


This herb is capable of increasing insulin. sensitivity inside the body, which is good news for anyone suffering from diabetes. [6]


Numerous studies have found that adaptogens in this herb can help optimize metabolism. function, and in obese individuals, can lead to faster weight loss and fat burning, as well as an improvement in your Body Mass Index (BMI). [7]

Function of the kidney

The connection Between Kidneys and compounds in jiaogulan have been known for thousands of years, but modern research has shown that it can stop damage to the kidneys from excess toxins in the body. [8]


Ginostema It is able to reduce stress and anxiety, which also frees sleepinducing hormones inside the brain, helping to calm the mind and eliminate the symptoms of insomnia, providing a peaceful rest and rejuvenating sleep. [9]

Side effects of Jiaogulan

Apart from the many benefits explained above, there are some side effects to consider.

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The pregnancy: Due to the adaptogenic nature of this herbs teaIt can have an impact on hormone levels, which could pose a threat to your baby, so it is recommended to pregnant and lactating women to avoid this tea. Bleeding disorders: There is anti-coagulation and blood pressure-supressing the elements within this herb, therefore, if you are taking medication for any of these conditions or if you plan to undergo surgery in the near future, avoid using this herb.

However, apart from that, no toxicity is known for this herbal infusion; even when large amounts of the extract of this herb are consumed, few side effects were reported.

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