9 incredible benefits of baking soda and lemon

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The combination of sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice It has a number of health benefits, including the ability to detoxify the body, balance pH levels, improve digestion, strengthens the immune system, helps the health of the heart, protects the skin, heals the liver and prevents chronic diseases.

There are countless health remedies that have gained popularity in recent years, but the use of baking soda and lemon dates back to decades in natural health circles. By themselves, these two substances have many healthy effects, but when combined, they can have an even more impressive impact on your overall health. To begin with, the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon (Citrus limon) is high vitamin C content and another antioxidants and it is closely related to the health of the immune system and the diuretic effects in the body. [1] Lemons contain high concentrations. of minerals and vitamins, making this juice, despite the sour taste, extremely popular in the kitchen and in alternative health remedies.

Sodium bicarbonate, on the other hand, is the common name for sodium baking soda, which is technically considered a medicine, despite its multiple culinary applications. the alkalizing effect of sodium bicarbonate It is well known, which is why many people use it for digestive and heartburn problems, as it can reduce their risk of acidosis and the many side effects that can accompany an unbalanced pH level in the body.

However, having said that, it is important to talk to your doctor or a medical professional before adding baking soda to your health regimen, as it may interact with other medications and may not be recommended for everyone.

Recipe: Baking soda and lemon juice

You can make a baking soda and lemon juice by adding a teaspoon of baking soda and the juice of half a lemon to a glass of mineral water. To get the best effects, be sure to drink this on an empty stomach, in the morning, and then enjoy the effects throughout the day. If it is confused with a to digest food, you can not work so fast in the body and it will not be as effective.

Benefits of baking soda and lemon juice

The benefits of taking sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice include better metabolic function, more balanced pH levels, a healthier bowel, a lower risk of chronic diseases and cancer, better heart health and a stronger immune system, between others.

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Balanced pH levels

People often overlook the importance of reducing acid levels in the body, but maintaining a balanced pH is crucial to overall health. Baking soda is known as an alkalizing agent that can lower acid levels, reducing things like heartburn and indigestion, but also keeps the body at an alkaline level, making it difficult for diseases and pathogens to take over the body . This is confirmed in a study done by Dr. [2] Beverley Booth, University of Virginia, United States. In addition, citric acid in lemons actually has an alkalizing effect once it is digested!

Skin care

According to study published in the diary Agricultural and Chemistry of food, lemon juice is a highly antioxidant drink. [3] High amounts of antioxidants and citric acid can reduce oxidative stress and prevent the negative effects of free radicals in the body. This is particularly good for the skin and can slow the signs of aging, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give your skin a healthy glow.


There is no direct relationship between the use of sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice and weight loss, but there is evidence that sodium bicarbonate can provide more energy and resistance during workouts, and give a boost to the metabolism. Although weight loss would be a side effect, it is still possible help your weight loss efforts With this decoction.

Cleaning properties

Lemon juice has long been known as a diuretic substance and is able to stimulate the body to urinate, thus expelling excess toxins, salts, fats and water. This is very good news for the kidneys, because it can reduce stress and pressure on those organs and ensure that your body maintains a low level of toxicity. In addition, a cited study In the journal BMC Urology, Urology magazine suggests that lemon juice has a protective activity against urolithiasis, which is the formation of a hard, stone-like substance in the bladder or urinary tract. [4]

Dental care

Traditionally, many people use this combination to whiten teeth, but the abrasive nature can be harmful to the teeth. Initially, it can reduce the staining of the teeth and decrease the levels of acidity in the mouth, but there are safer ways to use this decoction as toothpaste.

Improved digestion

The combination of sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice acts as a wonderful antacid and is known to rapidly reduce the symptoms of indigestion, excess flatulence, swelling, cramps and heartburn. By preventing inflammation in the intestine, which is a critical element of the immune system, lemon juice and baking soda can significantly improve bowel health. A year-long study by Dr. [5] Matthew Abramowitz et al., Albert Einstein School of Medicine, New York, shows that for patients suffering from CKD with mild acidosis, consumption of sodium bicarbonate improves muscle strength in the lower extremities.

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Heart health

Research has shown that mixed drinking water with Baking soda is able to regulate the levels of "bad". cholesterol, and improve HDL cholesterol levels, which can reduce your chances of atherosclerosis, and thus decrease your risk of stroke and heart attacks. [6]

Cancer prevention

One of the most controversial uses of lemon juice and sodium bicarbonate is its potential effect on cancer. Lemon juice, in particular, has been found to be very effective against Carcinogenic cells, and with a reduction in oxidative stress throughout the body, its risk of cancer It is significantly reduced [7]

Strengthened immune system

the antimicrobial The effects of lemon juice are well known, which can prevent pathogens and diseases from developing. in the stomach, as well as other parts of the body. [8] In addition, but by increasing the alkalinity of the body, thanks to sodium bicarbonate, acidic conditions are prevented within which the disease is known to develop.

Word of caution: As mentioned, the alkaline conditions that sodium bicarbonate can create in the body are quite powerful, and sodium bicarbonate is widely considered a medication. Before trying this natural remedy, it is advisable to talk with your doctor or medical professional.

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