9 impressive benefits of Ceylon tea

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There are impressive benefits of Ceylon tea, including his ability to help in weightloss, protection against chronic diseases, boost heart Health, increase energy levels, strengthen the immune system, improve the appearance of the skinmoderate diabetic Symptoms, and prevention of kidney stones.

Ceylon tea

You may not be familiar with the term Ceylon tea, possibly because you have never heard of Ceylon, the formal name of Sri Lanka until 1972. [1] The tea production in this country is impressive and is responsible for more than $ 1.5 billion in global tea sales. The excellent soil and temperature of Sri Lanka make it an ideal place to grow this tea, and it comes in three varieties – Black, green and white. [2] You can find Ceylon tea around the world, but many people can simply confuse it with the usual one. you black. Ceylon black tea is the most common form and has a mild flavor reminiscent of citrus. fruits. Ceylon green tea has a spicier nutty flavor than its black counterpart, and has the highest level of antioxidants since these tea leaves are not fermented. Finally, Ceylon white tea is the most expensive and rarest form and is prepared, harvested and processed by hand, in addition to allowing it to dry in the sun, which gives it a sweeter and more pleasant taste than the other two varieties.

Essentially, any tea that comes from Sri Lanka is called Ceylon tea, and is widely praised around the world for its high content. polyphenolic content, which grants a series of health benefits to those who regularly consume this variety of tea leaves. More specifically, it is believed that Ceylon tea has a warm influence on the body, and always has a slightly acid taste, which differentiates it from other varieties on the market. the flavonoidsThe antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds in Ceylon tea have made it a popular remedy for a wide variety of ailments and afflictions, and can even be used in topical applications for certain problems.

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Health benefits of Ceylon tea

Let's take a closer look at some of the health benefits of Ceylon tea.


One of the best things about Ceylon tea is its ability to stimulate metabolism, so it is a precious tool for those who try to lose weight. By accelerating the metabolism, you body naturally Burns faster fat, even if you do not change other aspects of your Lifestyle or training regime. [3] This means that by giving your metabolism a morning boost with Ceylon tea, you will have more energy for even more activities, which can further increase your efforts to burn calories!

Increase immunity

In general, Ceylon tea can help promote a healthier body, starting with the immune system. By improving the response time of the immune system to pathogens and foreign agents, Ceylon tea can better prepare the body to fight disease. In addition, the antioxidants found in Ceylon tea generally reduce oxidative stress and the presence of free radicals within the body, which can help the immune system to focus on important things, such as keeping it protected against infections! [4]

Protect the heart

Ceylon tea has a measurable amount of potassium, which is a crucial element of heart health, since it works like a vasodilator. This means that relaxes Tension in the blood vessels and arteries, allowing your blood pressure to decrease to normal, healthy levels and reduce the tension in your heart. [5] A cup of Ceylon tea to start each day, along with a fruit rich in potassium as bananasIt can do wonders for your long-term heart health.

Increase energy

Sri Lanka used to be an important coffeeProduction nation, but much of that infrastructure has changed to make tea. However, Ceylon tea and coffee from Sri Lanka share an important characteristic: caffeine. By providing your body with a healthy dose of caffeine, this tea can increase your cognitive acuity and attention, and also get you out of that energy crash in the morning. [6] If you to drink At a regular pace, perhaps 2 to 3 cups throughout the day, you will also avoid the terrible fall of the caffeine you often drink from coffee.

Skin care

Some of the antioxidants that have been identified in Ceylon tea are specifically related to reducing the loss of collagen in the skin by preventing oxidative stress in the surrounding cells. The collagen is important for the elasticity of the skin, that is, to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and to keep the skin tight and strong. By preventing oxidative stress in this way, you can avoid The premature aging, eliminates those annoying wrinkles and also promotes a healthier skin and free of spots. [7]

Ceylon teaEliminates kidney stones

The research has connected the consumption of you black at a lower risk of developing kidney stones. It is believed that this is related to the caffeine content and the antioxidants present in this miraculously delicious and beneficial tea variety!

Regulates the symptoms of diabetes

It has been shown that drinking Ceylon tea reduces blood glucose levels, which is particularly important for people who suffer diabetes. By ration To regulate the levels of glucose and insulin in the body, Ceylon tea can prevent spikes and drops that can be dangerous for those who struggle with diabetes. [8]

Prevents chronic diseases

The impressive range of antioxidants that Ceylon tea possesses makes it a powerful aid for human health in many ways. Specifically, it is known that theaflavins and thearubigins found in this tea directly counteract the spread of Cancer and can prevent cell mutation and oxidative stress. To prevent chronic diseases, such as cancer, Ceylon tea can be a great line of defense to increase the responsiveness of your immune system.

Word of caution: Due to the remarkable caffeine content found in this tea, it is not recommended that pregnant women consume it, as this can cause complications in pregnancy, not to mention the fact that most babies can not process caffeine. in the uterus. Also, if you have anxiety problems, adding caffeine to your diet is not always the best option. However, in low doses of caffeine (soaking for short periods of time), Ceylon tea can help eliminate some of the factors that may be causing stress. As always, it is best to talk with your doctor before adding a new herbal treatment to your normal diet or health regimen.

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