9 best substitutes for rice vinegar

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There are times when you will need a substitute to rice vinegar to complete a recipe, but fortunately, there are many viable options, many of which should already be in your kitchen.

Substitute of rice vinegar

While white balsamic vinegar and white wine are bitter and less sweet substitutes of rice vinegar, the best substitute is Apple cider vinegar with a slight light Apple taste. Other substitutes include champagne vinegar, Red wine vinegar, grass vinegar or Sherry Vinegar, among others.

Apple cider vinegar

The purpose of any vinegar is to add a little bit of enthusiasm to a recipe, and while Apple cider The vinegar has a note of apple sweetness, the effects on a plate are very similar to those of rice vinegar. Apple cider vinegar also has a series of Awesome effects on health and can help optimize your digestive system. [1]

Balsamic vinegar

This substitute for rice vinegar is a little less sweet and has more of a spicy seasoning. Spike. [2] It is not ideal as a replacement in all meals, but in salad dressings and marinades, it can be a good alternative.

Champagne vinegar

If you want to use a wine-based vinegar as a substitute, champagne vinegar can work in many applications, but you will want an older vinegar. more subtle variety to reduce the sharpness in the recipe. [3] Use this type of vinegar more moderately than rice vinegar.

Red wine vinegar

Depending on the quality of the red wine vinegar, it can be a good replacement for the rice vinegar. the The taste of this vinegar will be great body and pretty tasty, so if you're making a subtle salad dressing, this might not be the best option. [4] For salty meat Dishes, however, this should definitely be enough.

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White wine vinegar

A little less powerful than red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar is more acid than the rice vinegar but it has a similar color and consistency. You'll want to use less white wine vinegar that the recipe demands, and possibly even cut the zing with something sweet, like raw honey or Stevia extract. [5]

White vinegar

Also known as virgin vinegar, this flavorless vinegar variety can be used in a hurry as a substitute for rice vinegar, but it is mainly good for pickling And other less culinary applications.

Malt vinegar

Known for its nut and toasted flavor, this is an ideal substitute for vinegar if you use rice vinegar in salty or meat-based dishes, or in sauces and marinades. [6]

Sherry vinager

This is a little less common but it shares. many characteristics With red and white wine vinegar. [7] Be sure to use this in moderation, as it is more potent than other types of vinegar, which means it should be diluted or cut with something sweeter.

Herbal vinegar

If you prepare your own vinegar with herbs, you can use it as a substitute for rice vinegar, but keep in mind that you can change the flavor of the given dish, depending on what kind of herbs you used to prepare at home. vinegar.

9 best substitutes for rice vinegar, reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/substitute-rice-vinegar.html

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