9 Best Benefits and Uses of Arborvitae

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You might be used to seeing evergreens arborvitae along the way, but for centuries, the leaves and sap of this tree have been prized for their infectionfighting power

What is Arborvitae?

Arborvitae, taxonomically known as Thuja occidentalis, or Northern White Cedar, is an evergreen tree. member of the cypress Family, indigenous people from southeastern Canada and the northern United States. [1] Arborvitae in Latin means "tree of life" and is particularly sacred to the Ojibwe people, who list the tree as one of its four main plants in the medicinal wheel. While it is used for everything, from disinfectants To cure sexually transmitted diseases, this powerful plant contains the tujone neurotoxin, which can be toxic when consumed in large doses.


The many benefits of arborvitae include the following:

Arborvitae is particularly useful in the treatment of the upper part respiratory disease, such as the common cold, sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia or strep throat. [2] It is used topically to relieve arthritis and reduce the pain of aching muscles or recovering injuries. The parts of this tree contain small amounts of the tujone neurotoxin, which makes it popular as a treatment for parasites and as an insect repellent. It is also used topically to treat skin Infections, such as warts or cold sores. Several parts of this tree have been taken to induce abortions in the past, but it is no longer recommended for this purpose. the antioxidant benefits of arborvitae may help fight Cancer and reduce the risk of other chronic diseases. [3]


Let's take a look at its uses.

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Arborvitae is more often found as essential oil or tincture, both of which are made from the leaves. It is also found in some topical herbal creams. A tea can be made from the leaves of this tree, and this grass It is also sometimes found in many of the herbal products used for coughs and colds.

Word of warning: Women should avoid taking arborvitae during the pregnancy or while breast-feedingbecause it can cause a spontaneous abortion or other complications. It is known that the tujona causes low blood pressure and convulsions. It is advisable to talk with a doctor before adding this herbal remedy to your regular health regime.

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