9 amazing types of eggplant

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Many people do not even know that there are several types of eggplant, but if you're looking for a unique and delicious addition to your weekly diet, you're healthy vegetables It can be an excellent option. Depending on where you live in the world, some types may be more or less available, but with so many to choose from, you can almost always find a eggplant The variety that suits you!

Types of eggplant

Some of the most notable types of aubergines include Graffiti eggplant, Italian eggplant, Japanese eggplant, Chinese eggplant, fairytale eggplant, white eggplant and Indian eggplant, among others.

Aubergine Graffiti

Three to eight inches long, graffiti eggplant has an appropriate name, taking into account the strange nature of its coloration. The outside of this variety of eggplant, which tends to have a teardrop shape, is striped with white and purple, similar to the running Spray paint lines. Is variety of Eggplant is also quite bitter, which leads many cultures to consider it as potentially toxic. [1] However, it has been found that some of the compounds in the skin of this eggplant can actually help prevent certain types of Cancer. This eggplant can be cooked very quickly, due to its relatively small size, which will also help to improve the flavor.

Italian eggplant

One of the most common types of eggplant, the Italian eggplant is actually a broad term that encompasses a variety of different aubergines in Europe and Mediterranean region. [2] These aubergines are wider at the base and tend to be between eight and ten inches long. The coloring of these aubergines will vary from a dark purple color to a light color. lavender, and the skin is quite bright. Having white meat and a slightly softer taste than other varieties of eggplant, this type is sought after for cooking applications worldwide.

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Japanese eggplant

These types of aubergines are very easy to recognize, since they are longer and thinner than most other varieties, and their color is a very dark purple, almost black, in some cases. The skin of these aubergines is also quite thin, so it is not necessary to remove it before cooking, as it does for certain varieties. [3] Interestingly, there are very few seeds in Japanese eggplants, so they do not have the bitter taste of many other types. This makes them ideal for pickling, but they are also popular for health. foods, due to its high levels of potassium, vitamin Cdietary fiberY antioxidants.

types of egg plant

Chinese eggplant

As with Japanese eggplant, Chinese aubergine is one of the most easily recognized types of eggplant. With a vibrant violet exterior and a length that can. exceed eighteen inches, it is difficult to confuse a Chinese eggplant. [4] For those who enjoy cooking with eggplant, this is also one of the sweetest varieties, with very few bitter seeds inside. Unique coloration means there are enough anthocyanins in this variety, so it's excellent to prevent oxidative stress and chronic disease.

Fairy tale eggplant

These smaller aubergines have a slight tear shape and are bright purple. The plants in which this variety grows are often ornamental in nature, but some of these aubergines may grow at the same time On the same floor with flowers. [5] Like the Japanese eggplant, the peel of this variety is very thin and it is not necessary to remove it. The pulp is pale white, milky and has few seeds, giving it a fairly neutral flavor.

White eggplant

With a size of 3 to 6 inches long, the white eggplant is almost always smaller than its purple counterpart and has the shape of a bell or a large drupe fruit. Unlike some of the other purple types From eggplant, the white eggplant should be peeled before cooking, thanks to its surprisingly thick skin. [6] High in magnesium, potassiumY copper, is vegetable Add a unique color and nutritional sparkle to many different foods.

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Indian eggplant

This particular variety of eggplant is actually a miniature version of normal sized vegetables. Having the same oblong base and dark purple color, this variety of aubergine rarely exceeds 5 inches in length. The interior of this eggplant also has a creamy white color and very quickly. [7] Inside there are very small seeds that give a bit of this vegetable. bitterness, but not as much as other varieties. Unlike many other varieties of this vegetable, Indian eggplant is usually ready to harvest in the spring, instead of autumn or winter.

Thai eggplant

Of all the eggplant types, none stands out like Thai eggplant, which looks different in almost every respect. It's basically the size and shape of a golf ball, and instead of white or purple, this eggplant is a bright green color. [8] Interestingly, you can also find small purple and white stripes in some examples of this type. Traditionally included in dishes like Thai green curry, this eggplant is not the most common, but it has a unique taste and appearance that stand out in any dish.

Green Apple Eggplant

Named for its visual similarity to the small green apples, this variety of eggplant even has an interior that resembles an apple when you open it to remove the seeds. The meat of this variety almost seems to melt when cooked, acquiring a creamy texture. It is commonly confused with zucchini But it has a flavor of its own.

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