8 ways to protect your skin from pollution

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He feels he has wasted his youth at the age of 30 when he sees gray hair, wrinkles on his skin and all the other visible signs of aging. He wonders what went wrong, after all, he pumped iron in the gym, ate healthy foods, got up early in the morning and did yoga, slept early, meditated, used all kinds of skin creams and the lists go on and on.

We all do many things to stay young and look young, but there is one thing we do not do and that is to protect our body and our skin from contamination. Have you ever wondered how much pollution can affect your skin? Probably not.

Effects of pollution on the skin.

Causes of aging, wrinkles, pimples, black heads, etc. Remove all the natural oils from your skin. The powder forms a layer on your skin and congests your pores. The heat of the sun during the midday is very harmful, since the ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause cancer, rashes and diseases. Pollution can cause numerous skin diseases and rashes. Pollution can make your skin look dull as it releases oxygen. It makes your skin rough. It gives you a tan, which does not go away so easily.

Now that you know the harmful effects of pollution on your skin, it is best to stop them and keep them at bay.

Some of the corrective measures to prevent contamination from affecting your skin are:

Wrap yourself around a scarf or a duppata around your head while you go out. Apply sunscreen when going out in the sun from 12 to 4 pm or the best option is to bring an umbrella when going out in the sun. Moisturize your skin every night before sleeping. Take an oil bath once a week to replenish the skin of its oils. Try wearing a jacket or coat while going out to protect yourself from the direct effect of contamination. Mix powdered shikakai, channe ka Aatta, haldi powder, add water as needed and make a fine paste. Use it as a substitute for soap. Use warm, exfoliating water to wash your face after you get home. Eat healthy; It will help eliminate toxins from your system.

If you follow these tips regularly, you will be safe from contamination to a certain extent. One can not completely evade pollution; Therefore, it is advisable to take all the precautions you can.

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