8 powerful home remedies for childhood constipation

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As a father, you would be attentive to every laugh, cooing and hiccup of your little one. But it may happen that all your baby seems to be doing is crying and that is also a sign that your little one is trying to communicate something to you. Childish constipation It is one of those conditions that may be causing your baby to have watery eyes.

Childish constipation is something You have to be an observer since the evacuation schedules of the babies can oscillate in any of the extremes of the spectrum. [1] A baby that is exclusively breastfed almost never suffer from constipation, but formula-fed babies can experience 3 to 4 bowels in a day or should move them only once every few days. [2] The rate of bowel movements (bowel movements) even in healthy babies varies widely depending on your diet.

Babies have to struggle to evacuate, so trying is not so worrisome, even if your baby cries or has a red face. Imagine having to have a bowel movement on your back! Understanding the possible signs as creatures He will often resist having a bowel movement if the stools are hard or painful, which only increases the problem. [3] You must be attentive to understand what could be wrong and then try to actively solve it.

Some traditional approaches to childhood constipation are:

Delaying the introduction of solids. food or formula after breast-feeding Increase the amount of liquid they consume. Add fibrous foods to your diet. Calm them during stressful situations.

Let's explore other tools home remedies who have worked for generations, and who are often connected with nutritional or diet problems.

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Home remedies for childhood constipation

These are the most popular and reliable home remedies and alternative strategies that many people find useful:

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Plum juice

Prunes and plum juice contain. high levels of fiber, which will help increase the stool content and promote its passage through the digestive tract. [4] In addition, they are mild sources of sorbitol, which is a colonic stimulant and will help the creation and release of bowel movements. Combine 3 parts of water with 1 part of plum juice in a bottle and mix well. Give your baby the bottle and wait for the plum juice to work its magic!

Hot bath / Sodium bicarbonate

The warm water helps to relax the muscles of the whole body, but for the babies that are constipated, can relax the rectal muscles that have been tensed by the pain of constipation. the sodium bicarbonate (approximately 2-3 teaspoons added in the bathwater) can further calm the child so that he has a bowel movement.

Milk of magnesia

Short term solution for constipation, Milk of magnesia It can be added in small quantities (1 teaspoon) to the bottle. [5] Milk of magnesia forces the colon to relax a little and absorb water from the body, causing the muscles to contract and release loose stools. However, this should not be done on a regular basis, as it dehydrates and can cause dangerous electrolyte imbalances

Physical activity

As with adults, movement keeps the body's organs functioning, and the digestive system is no exception. Movement can often loosen up It hardens the intestines and stimulates a bowel movement. [6] For babies, bouncing and rocking can sometimes stimulate a bowel movement. Rubbing the stomach and giving. abdominal massage Sometimes it can also help, stimulating manually peristaltic Movement in the child.

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Metamucil and bran flakes

One of the best natural solutions for constipation is the addition of psyllium peels, more commonly known as bran flakes, to baby's soft foods. [7] This stool softener with high fiber content should stimulate the increase in bowel movements that will stimulate bowel movement. These psyllium flakes can be commonly found in the form of Metamucil in most grocery stores.

Formula changes

Sometimes, certain types of formula or processed foods can cause constipation in children. If you notice that a new food is causing a problem, try changing the variety to see which one is most compatible with your child's system.

Fluid diet

If constipation is caused by dehydration, a quick solution is simply to return to the more fluid diet, which will loosen the stools to normal levels and relieve the discomfort of the baby. Too active children become dehydrated Faster, so they should be given additional water or diluted juice daily to stimulate healthy bowel movements.

Foods rich in fiber

A proper diet of fruits and rich in fiber vegetables, particularly once they have stopped. breast-feeding It is essential for a good bowel movement. Adding fibrous foods to your diet can be a quick fix for this common cause of constipation in babies.

Due to the inability to adequately communicate your distress, it is a good idea to consult a doctor before beginning any treatment of constipation in the home, just to make sure there is not a more serious problem such as a tear or rectal bleeding. In some rare cases, constipation can also be the result of a more serious chronic illness in which serious medical procedures or modern medications should be used.

Basically, keep your eyes and ears open, and keep your baby happy!

8 powerful home remedies for childhood constipation, reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/parenting/home-remedies-for-infant-constipation.html

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