8 incredible health benefits of cinnamon

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The most impressive health benefits of cinnamon sticks include their ability to help manage diabetes, protects against fungi and bacterial Infections, increase brain function, prevent certain. cognitive disorders improve digestion, and strengthen the strength of the immune system.

What is cinnamon?

The cinnamonCinnamomum Verum) is one of the most popular Y Recognized spices in the world, which is derived from the bark of a series of trees that fall within the genus Cinnamomum. [1] Cinnamon bark has been used to flavor sweet and savory dishes for thousands of years. The cinnamon tree originates from several places, according to the cultivar that is being discussed, including Sri Lanka, India, China, and even parts of Africa. "The true cinnamon" is the species found in Sri Lanka.

It has been mentioned in literature and classical writings for thousands of years, dates back to ancient Egyptian times, and is now widely used and known on all continents. While the spice It would be used regardless of the benefits, it is still important to understand the additional boost that cinnamon can give your body, especially if you have certain conditions.

cinnamon sticks


Let's look at some of the main health benefits of cinnamon sticks:

Diabetic control

One of the best known benefits of cinnamon is its control over blood. sugar levels in the body. [2] When cinnamon is added to your food, can chemically slow down the process of emptying your stomach, which is what happens when you consume simple basic sugars carbohydrates. Cinnamon counteracts this effect and reduces the greater influx of glucose to the blood. It helps to balance glucose levels, thus avoiding diabetic Peaks and drops. By helping to regulate the balance of insulin and glucose in the body, cinnamon can be both a preventive measure and an effective treatment for diabetes.

Cancer prevention

Two substances, cinnamaldehydeand the eugenol present in cinnamon can be active avoid Cancer The cells are disseminated. [3] More specifically, it has been found that certain substances in cinnamon sticks prevent the growth of tumors. the antioxidant compounds also help to provide other health effects, including skin Careful, as well as the body's ability to heal and repair itself. Research on the effects of cinnamon pills in colon cancer, lymphoma, and the leukemia continues.

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Mental health

Cinnamon, potassiumtrue super food, and several remedies have been shown to increase the focus, concentration, and mental capacity. [4] There is a chemical connection between the brain and the aroma / flavor of cinnamon, so when the research subjects chewed gum flavored with cinnamon or simply smelled cinnamon, their cognitive activity increased. If you need a brain impulse, eat a heavy cinnamon breakfast Or take cinnamon supplements and see how fast your mind works!

Bone health

The high levels of magnesium he found In cinnamon sticks they give a significant boost to your bone health. [5] This is because magnesium, along with calcium, help prevent osteoporosis and increasing bone health in their old age. The consumption of cinnamon sticks may not seem particularly appetizing, but the addition of magnesium to your diet that you provide is impressive.

Cognitive disorders

There is no known cure for dementia Y Alzheimer'sS disease [6] However, the consumption of cinnamon capsules can stimulate new neuronal pathways and increase cognitive capacity. This makes it very exciting to keep people lucid and aware for longer as they get older.

Antioxidant effects

The cinnamon bark contains several essential oils and organic compounds that can actively seek and neutralize free radicals. These antioxidants in cinnamon. are praised for its ability to improve heart Health and also prevents certain chronic diseases that are exacerbated by the activity of free radicals. [7] Fiber Present in cinnamon also helps maintain heart health by regulating cholesterol levels.

Digestive health

Ground cinnamon contains a certain amount of dietary fiber, which one It does a series of things for the digestive system. [8] First, fiber can stimulate peristaltic Move and power most of your stool. This helps improve digestion and prevent constipation, swelling and even more serious conditions such as gastric ulcers and colon cancer. In addition, fiber can increase the binding of bile. you go out and eliminate them from the body before they cause adverse effects.

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cinnamon sticks

Antibacterial effects

The natural antibacterial The quality of cinnamon essential oil is more widely respected due to its power. [9] However, adding cinnamon supplements to your diet can also prevent certain fungal infections and bacteria from affecting your health. This is precisely the reason why cinnamon was used as a food preservative for so many centuries; It is capable of preventing the cultivation of dangerous pathogens.


The cinnamon sticks have a naturally The quality of the heating, which has made them valuable for the treatment of the common cold and the various forms of influenza for generations. [10] This heating capacity can help fevers "It breaks" and also prevents the appearance of chills or pneumonia in cases of bronchitis.


Cinnamon has been used [11] as a food preservative in the past along with being used as a spice for food, including:

Bread and cakes Chocolates and sweet desserts Drinks Shortbread Cereals Fruits Meat and bird dishes

The taste of this golden brown spice makes it desirable in almost all cultural cuisines in some way.

Word of caution: Despite all the health benefits of cinnamon, there are also some risks with the use of cinnamon, especially in large quantities. The coumarin found in cinnamon sticks can be potentially allergenic, particularly in the Cinnamon Cassia variety; The high levels of cinnamon derived from cassia should be avoided, as it can have a toxic effect on the body. Apart from that, in regulated quantities, cinnamon is not commonly considered as an allergenic substance.

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