8 incredible benefits of white cranberry juice

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It is possible that many of you do not know what is white. cranberry juice It is, or how it differs from traditional red. cranberry juice, but it's all a matter of time. White cranberries are harvested few weeks before, when most of the beneficial nutrients are already present in the berries, with the exception of the anthocyanins. [1] These antioxidant Flavonoids are responsible for changing the color of white cranberries for reds, so it is the only real difference between the two varieties.

White cranberries are also praised for being a little less sour than their red counterparts, which makes it appealing to many people. The loss of anthocyanins makes the cranberry juice white. a little less powerful as an antioxidant, but many of the other health benefits remain the same. [2]

With that in mind, let's take a closer look at some of the impressive health effects of this unique berry!

Benefits of white cranberry juice

The cranberry juice can defend against urinary tract infections, protect the heart, reduces chronic diseases, stimulates the immune system in the intestine, stimulates the appetite and speeds up the healing process.

Treats urinary tract infection

Cranberry juice (both red and white) is particularly known for its ability to counteract and prevent urinary tract infections. When a bacterium called E. coli it sits on the walls of the urinary tract, quickly becomes an uncomfortable and painful infection drive. [3] This powerful juice, however, is able to prevent. E. coli Adheres to the walls, which makes it an effective preventive measure and treatment for urinary tract infections.

Rich in vitamin C

This juice not only has a high level of vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant, but other impressive organic compounds, such as flavonoids and phytochemicals That can counteract the oxidative effects. stress in the body. [4] This oxidative stress is largely responsible for Cancer Y Autoimmune diseases.

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Low in sodium

Studies have shown that the proanthocyanids and flavonoids present in the cranberry juice can improve cholesterol levels, lowering the "bad" LDL cholesterol and increasing the "good" HDL cholesterol. This can reduce your risk of atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, infarction and others. cardiovascular In addition, the low level of sodium can help improve blood pressure and regulate the water balance inside the body.

Juice without fat

Many people wonder if the cranberry juice has no fat, as many people turn to juice for a healthy boost, without worrying about increasing the fat content. Fortunately, cranberry juice is completely free of fat and is also low in sodium, another reason why it is an excellent choice for heart health.

Increase appetite

As a traditional remedy, this juice has often been used to stimulate appetite, especially after an illness or injury. It can still act as a nutrient-dense snack. food For people looking to increase their weight.

Increase immunity

Being high in vitamin C means that the cranberry juice stimulates the development of white blood cells, which are in the frontal line of any operation of the immune system inside the body [5] Ascorbic acid also works as an antioxidant, scavenges free radicals and neutralizes them before they can cause mutations or oxidative stress in the body. Cranberries are also known to counteract H. pylori Bacteria, which can attack the stomach with some really unpleasant results.

Accelerates healing

The impressive concentration The vitamin C in this juice also helps to improve the rate of healing in the body. Vitamin C is a key component of collagen, which in turn is a key component of every tissue, cell, muscle and bone in the body. Without vitamin C, the whole body slows down, from energy levels and the speed of healing to the response time of the immune system.

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Digestion of AIDS

An element that many people miss about the juice of cranberry and berries itself is the high content. concentration of Dietary fiber. [6] While the cranberry juice can be a refreshing drink, you will get even more benefits when eating the whole berry. Take a handful once or twice a day and enjoy the improvement of your gastrointestinal system. Go down to constipation and the swelling bulking the stool and stimulating peristaltic movement in the gut.

Cocktails With White Cranberry Juice

When you are making a drink peach or Love Potion # 9, you will definitely use white cranberry juice. White cosmopolitan and pink stone. Cocktails They are two other popular options. However, the cranberry juice is an excellent replacement for the traditional cranberry juice in almost any cocktail, including the classic ones like vodka blueberry!

Cocktails With White Cranberry Juice

The consumption of white cranberry juice alone is the product notalcoholic form of this juice, but it is also used in simulated tails, such as the Santiago Splash (cranberry juice, Lime, mint and sparkling water) and a Coconut Cooler (white cranberry juice, coconut water and fresh lime). Bellinis without alcohol, Cosmopolitans and Martinis can also be made with this juice, usually when combined with other fresh juices.

Clearly, the cranberry juice may not be as bright as the traditional blueberry variety, but it has a lot to boast about. Add this refreshing (and less sour) drink to your weekly intake and enjoy the benefits!

8 incredible benefits of white cranberry juice, reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/fruit/white-cranberry-juice.html

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