8 incredible benefits of coconut milk

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Lately there have been many conversations about coconut. Milk, as well as several other coconut products on the market, such as coconut water, coconut cream, and coconut oil. While each of them is slightly different, it is important to understand the distinctions, as well as the potential health benefits of coconut milk.

What is coconut milk?

Coconut milk is derived directly from coconut meat (the white part). Depending on how you prepare it and how many times you remove the coconut cream, you can create coconut milk with a variable fat content. Known to be a great replacement for vegans, as well as those with lactose intoleranceCoconut milk can have a number of impressive health benefits, when used sparingly. Basically, coconut milk is the combination of two separate products Coconut – Coconut water and coconut cream. [1]

This type of milk is thick and creamy, but it can be diluted through repeated boiling, especially if you want to use the milk in desserts or other creamy sauces. Used as an important source of nutrients in certain tropical areas, the popularity of coconut milk is increasing in other parts of the world, thanks to its nutritional Composition and potential health benefits.

Nutrition Coco Milk

Coconut milk is a great source of magnesium, copper, ironY manganese, as much as vitamin Cfolate selenium and another trace minerals. Having said that, coconut milk is also high in true Saturated fats, so it should be consumed in moderation. [2] Interestingly, a single cup also provides a decent amount of protein Y fiber, making this a round and unexpectedly nutritious food. drink.

Health benefits of coconut milk

There are many health benefits related to coconut milk, including its ability to improve digestionboost circulation, reduce inflammation, protect cardiovascular health stimulates weightloss, and increase energy, among others.

Protect the heart

With a significant amount of medium chain fatty acids, coconut milk has a fairly high content of fat, but are considered "good" fats that can help stabilize heart Health. More specifically, studies have found that moderate consumption of coconut milk can decrease the "bad" cholesterol levels and increase the "good" HDL levels in the body, which prevents development of atherosclerosis, and decreases your risk of heart attack and stroke. [3] Other research maintains that coconut milk also decreases triglyceride Levels and can prevent coronary heart disease. However, an excessive amount of this milk will have the opposite effect.

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Improves nerve function.

The various minerals found in coconut milk have a remarkable effect on the electrolyte Levels in the body. The electrolytic fluid in your body is the way in which the whole nervous system emits signals. reach The other parts of the body, including all muscles and cells. [4] By optimizing your electrolyte levels with coconut milk, your muscle function and general nervous system activity will work better.

Increase energy

As mentioned above, medium chain fatty acids are found at high levels in coconut oilAnd, unlike other forms of fat, this is directly metabolized by the liver, the byproduct of which ketones. [5] These are more concentrated and healthy energy packages, and can give you a physical and cognitive boost when you need it most.


The specific types of fatty acids found in coconut milk can increase the metabolism in several ways, while suppressing hunger and resulting in lower total calorie intake throughout the day. By increasing the calorie burn at a passive level, this milk can help you lose weight even when you are not exercising.

Aids in digestion

Although most of the dietary fiber is extracted from this milk when it is prepared at home, there are still some benefits to the digestion system that regular consumption of this milk can help. The anti-naturalinflammatory nature This drink will help reduce stomach discomfort and even help promote better bowel movements, thus relieving the symptoms of constipation. [6]

Improves circulation

Coconut milk is an excellent source of Iron, which the body requires for the production of red blood cells. [7] Preventing anemia, this milk can increase blood flow and oxygenation in those areas of the body that need more resources.

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Reduces inflammation

There are many different traditional uses of coconut milk that are related to inflammation, particularly if you are a chronic victim of arthritis, drop, Headaches, or irritable bowel syndrome. While the antibacterial The properties of the milk help to neutralize the underlying infections, the anti-inflammatory properties will relieve the swelling, redness and discomfort.

Treats ulcers

Some research has shown that regular consumption of this milk can lead to a reduction in the size of stomach ulcers, and it was even found to be so successful as a pharmacist deals. [8] For those who prefer natural remedies, this is an excellent option for ulcers of any kind.

How to make coconut milk?

You can make your own coconut milk at home quite easily, and this also ensures that you know everything that is added. While there are many reliable companies that sell this variety of milk, the recent rise in popularity has also increased the number of choices, some of which are less healthy or richer in fat than others. Follow the steps below if you want to produce your own coconut milk and harvest its many nutritional benefits.

Step 1 – Crush the white flesh of a coconut.

Step 2: Heat the water below the boiling point and add coconut (do not let the water boil).

Step 3 – Let it soak for 1-2 hours.

Step 4 – Add the coconut and water to a blender. You can add some vanilla extract at this point if you wish.

Step 5 – Mix well, then pour the mixture in a cheesecloth.

Step 6 – Squeeze all the coconut milk from the gauze.

Step 7 – Serve or store for up to 5 days in the refrigerator.

Note: If the cream and water begin to separate in the refrigerator, simply mix or stir before serving.

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