8 incredible benefits of almond flour (almond flour)

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The use of almond flour instead of traditional wheat Flour is growing in popularity, but before you add it to your weekly diet, it's better to understand where it comes from and what it can do for you!

What is almond flour?

Almond flour, also known as almond flour, consists of bleached and 100% ground almonds. The scalding process eliminates the skinand then him walnuts They are ground until a fine powder is obtained. According to the USDAalmonds contain minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. [1] Many people choose to use almond flour because Almonds They are a source of nutrients so rich, that makes this type of flour better for your health in general than normal flour. [1] Other people, such as those who have Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance, use almond flour because it does not contain gluten. This flour is also quite versatile in many baking applications. [2] The flavor of this flour can also give your recipes a unique touch, instead of the traditional flour.

Despite the slightly higher price for almond flour, if you want to choose a healthier option for your flour needs, this is an excellent option.

Almond Flour Nutrition

There is a remarkable amount of nutrients found in almond flour, including high concentrations Of healthy, dietetic fats. fiberY protein. In 125 grams of almond flour, there is 14% of your daily protein requirements, as well as almost 10% of the dietary fiber you need each day. It is also a great source of carbohydrates, particularly for people who are replacing wheat flour in their diet. There is also a significant amount of Vitamin E, more than 100% of your daily requirement per serving, in addition to good quantities of iron, riboflavin, calcium, potassiumY magnesium.

Benefits of almond flour

The most important health benefits of this flour include its ability to improve heart health, protect against certain cancers, lower your risk of diabetes, power the energy, and help in weightloss, among others.almond flour

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Heart health

There is a very good amount of monounsaturated Fats in almond flour, which is considered a "good" form of cholesterol and can help prevent cardiovascular complications Because of high cholesterol, such as atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes. [3]


Research has shown that regular consumption of almond flour can have anticarcinogenic effects, particularly when it comes to colon cancer. [4] Some of the active ingredients and healthy fats in this flour can prevent cancerous Formation and spread of cancer to other parts of the body.


As a rich source of healthy carbohydrates, this flour can be a great boost to your energy, rather than the simple and basic. sugars It is found in wheat flour.


Due to the density of nutrients in this flour, compared to regular flour, it can help you to fill more quickly and with better results. food, which can prevent Eat excessively And it helps in general to lose weight.


Eliminating simple sugars of basic Flour, this special flour can help regulate the release of glucose and insulin in the body. [5] This is ideal for people with diabetes or people at high risk of developing the disease.


With almost 10% of the dietary fiber you need every day, a single serving of almond flour can improve your peristaltic movement and momentum digestive health, relieve symptoms of constipation Y Diarrhea. [6]

Bone health

There is a good amount of iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium in this flour, which will help increase bone mineral density and prevent conditions I like it osteoporosis as you get older [7]

Growth and development

This type of flour also has a very high level of Protein, which is essential for normal growth and development, as well as repair and recovery processes throughout the body. [8]

Uses of almond flour

There are innumerable wonderful uses for almond flour, as it can replace regular flour in almost all recipes. You can substitute an equal volume of this flour for regular flour, although you may need to use a little more of your rising agent since the almond flour is a little heavier than regular flour. If you are only using flour for flavor, many people suggest using half almond flour and half wheat flour to ensure a normal increase.

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Some of the most popular uses of this flour are found in cakes, cupcakes, cookies and bread, particularly for the delicious nutty flavor that comes from flour. [9] Making pizza dough with this flour is also popular, or you can use it to cover certain meats before frying. Essentially, you can use this flour in any of the same ways as regular flour!

Side effects of almond flour

There is some controversy about the use of almond flour, due to certain health effects that could have, such as increased inflammation, possible weight gain and risk of toxicity.

Inflammation: There is a remarkable level of polyunsaturated fatty acids in this flour, which can cause inflammation if you consume too much, compared to monounsaturated fatty acids. It is recommended to moderate the amount of almond flour you consume.

Weight gain: With a high concentration Of fats and carbohydrates, if you consume too much flour, you can gain weight, just like normal flour.

Toxicity: Some people fear the presence of certain trace toxins in almonds, such as a cyanogenic glycosides. [10] In extremely large amounts, this substance can release enough hydrogen cyanide to be toxic, so always eat almond flour in normal moderation.

8 incredible benefits of almond flour (almond flour), reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/almond-flour.html

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