8 incredible benefits for the health of elaichi that you should know!

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This is what this little green pod has for you: a wide range of health benefits.

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Elaichi or cardamom is one of the most common spices that are seen in an Indian family. Not only does it add sweet flavor and unique flavor to your dishes, but it is also widely used as a natural mouth freshener. But the humble green pod has much more to offer, as far as health is concerned. These are the eight main reasons why elaichi has a high score on the list of healthy spices.

1. Improves digestion.

Have you ever wondered why elaichi is a basic complement of saunf after the meal? Well, that's because the elaichi is carminative by nature and helps speed up digestion. It also reduces inflammation of the lining of the stomach, combat. acidity and nausea. Another additional advantage of this spice is that it soothes the mucous membrane, so it works better, thus relieving the symptoms of heartburn and upset stomach. In addition, according to Ayurvedic texts, it also reduces the air content in the stomach, which makes it more able to digest food efficiently.

Tip: Take two or three cardamom pods, a small piece of ginger, 2 to 3 cloves and some Es 30! 30 Es ¿!!! 30 Es Es 30 Es Es 30 Es ¿Es! (Coriander seeds, grind well and consume them with warm water.) Act as an instant remedy for indigestion, swelling and gas.

2. Beats bad breath

If you have bad breath and you have tried all kinds of remedies, give elaichi a try. The spice is full of antibacterial properties, in addition to having a strong flavor and a pleasant smell. Also, since it helps to improve your digestive system, which is known to be one of the main causes of bad breath – It is very effective to eliminate the root cause of the problem.

Tip: Chew an elaichi pod after each meal. Alternatively, you can drink some elaichi tea every morning to help detoxify and strengthen your digestive system and prevent bad breath. Are here Top seven ways to fight bad breath

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!! Es ¿30 30! ¿! Es ¿30 30! ¿Es ¿! Es! acidity

The essential oils in elaichi strengthen the mucous lining of the stomach and also increase the amount of saliva it secretes. When you chew the capsule, it releases a series of essential oils that stimulate the salivary glands, which in turn stimulates the stomach lining to work better. It also improves your appetite and reduces the amount of acidity you experience by providing a cooling sensation to reduce the burning sensation during an acid attack.

Tip: The best way to keep heartburn at bay is to avoid sitting right after eating; instead, walk a little while chewing the elaichi pod and you should feel much better. To further improve your condition, here they are Six foods that you can eat to keep acidity at bay..

4. Relieves the symptoms of respiratory diseases.

Cardamom increases the circulation of blood inside the lungs, which helps relieve the symptoms of respiratory problems, such as asthma, cold and cough. In Ayurveda, Elaichi. It is known as a warm spice, which heats the body internally, helping in the expulsion of phlegm and relieving congestion of the chest.

Tip: If you have a cold, cough or a congested thorax, elaichi is the best natural remedy to relieve symptoms. All you need to do is add a few drops of elaichi essential oil to the boiling water and use this for steam inhalation.

5. Regularize your heart rate.

Packed with minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, cardamom is a gold mine for essential electrolytes. One of the main components of your blood, body fluids and cells is potassium. With its abundant supply of this essential mineral, ealichi helps regulate your heart rate and keeps your blood pressure under control. Before reaching the solution, here they are Five causes of increased heart rate or tachycardia. you must be aware of

Tip: Add elaichi to your daily meals or simply drink elaichi tea to get the heart-healthy benefits.

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6. fights anemia

Another important component of elaichi is copper, iron and essential vitamins such as riboflavin, vitamin C and niacin. Known for its immense importance in the production of red blood cells and cellular metabolism, copper, riboflavin, vitamin C and niacin plus iron They are excellent for fighting anemia and relieving the symptoms that one experiences due to the condition.

Tip: Add a pinch or two of elaichi powder and turmeric to a glass of warm milk. You can add a little sugar for the taste (if you want). Drink this every night to help relieve weakness and other symptoms of anemia.

7. Detoxifies the body and fights free radicals.

Cardamom is a great source of manganese, a mineral that plays a key role in the production of an enzyme that eliminates and destroys free radicals. Apart from that, the elaichi also has very strong detoxifying properties that help cleanse the body and protect it from cancer and other allied diseases.

Tip: To help detoxify your body, try this Ayurvedic detoxification diet. Alternatively, you can add elaichi to your daily meal and tea to get your benefits.

8. Improve your sex life.

Not many people know that elaichi Actually it acts as a powerful tonic and stimulant. Not only does it help strengthen the body, but it also works wonders in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions such as: premature ejaculation and impotence. In addition, it also helps you feel energetic and last longer in bed. These are some of the Home remedies, you can try to improve your sex life..

Tip: Cardamom tea can do the trick for you. All you need to do is infuse it in some regular green tea and drink it while it is hot. This mixture works well at the beginning of the symptoms of indigestion. It also acts as a powerful home remedy for headaches.

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