8 best xanthan gum substitutes

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Xantana gum substitutes are not hard to find, but knowing how they differ in terms of nutrition and taste is essential.

What is xanthan gum?

Xanthan gum is a type of exopolysaccharide that is excreted by certain microorganisms, mainly plant pathogen bacteria. Once isolated, it can be used as thickening agent and ingredient in many common products, like ice cream, Cosmetic products, yogurt, lotions and dressings for salads. [1] After being precipitated with alcohol, The xanthan is dried and then ground into powder. It is often used in protein Powders and other supplements to provide texture and volume.

A substitute for xanthan gum may be necessary for people who have a allergy or intolerance to the substance, or those who need to use it on a large scale and want to save money since this substance can be expensive.

Substitutes for xanthan gum

The best substitute options for xanthan gum include agar, carrageenan, arrowroot, guar gum, cornstarch, egg White clothes, psyllium seed husks jelly, and the cornstarch, among others.

The agar

Is vegetarian alternative to jelly can help add volume to foods And stabilize the ingredients while cooking. [2]

chia seeds substitute of xanthum

Egg whites

Working as a fermentation agent and binding agent, egg whites are popular in baked Goods and desserts To give a spongy texture. [3]

Chia seeds

Not only are these seeds high in fiber, they also provide omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which xanthan gum does not provide.

Psyllium husks

When these shells are ground, they produce a soluble fiber.rich powder that can be an excellent thickener and binder when exposed to water, similar to xanthan gum. [4]


When collagen decomposes, creates gelatin, a sticky substance that is an ideal alternative to xanthan gum in baked goods.

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With a consistency similar to xanthan gum, corn starch is an excellent filling for your recipes if you need more volume.

Guar gum

A white powdered substance often used in sauces and cream soups such as thickening Agent, this is an ideal substitute for xanthan gum. [5]


Obtained from red seaweed, Irish moss, carrageenan is a product of plant origin that can be used instead of gelatin or xanthan gum in cakes, pies, dairy products and more.


With a consistency similar to cornstarch, the arrow acts as a thickening agent and can be used to replace xanthan gum.

Ground flax seeds

Known as a great agglutinating agent, ground. flax seeds They are also some of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.

8 best substitutes for xanthan gum, reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/xanthan-gum-substitutes.html

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