7 things that healthy people do before going to bed

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We have all read the articles about what healthy people do in the morning, but what about what they do before going to bed? This is as important as it helps to end the day and sets the tone for a new start in the morning. By creating a nighttime routine from these simple steps (you may already be doing some of these!), You will make sure to notice a change in both your health and your happiness.

1. plan for tomorrow

One of the keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to be always prepared; You will feel organized and you will not have to stress yourself in the morning. Prepare your exercise equipment for the next morning (socks, underwear and shoes included), iron your uniform if necessary, gather any important paperwork and, most importantly, prepare your lunch for the next day. Whether you pack some leftovers from dinner or spend an additional 20 minutes doing something else, being prepared for lunch prevents you from making imprudent and unhealthy choices the next day. You could be so busy that you simply take something to take on your way back to the office or you could even skip lunch altogether. Best of all, you'll even save some money by doing it! Everything adds up.

2. Turn off the technology one hour before bedtime

How many of you say good night to your loved ones and go to bed only to spend the next hour lying there checking Facebook and Instagram? Now, how many of you have realized that four hours have passed, now it's 2 in the morning and you are on YouTube watching a dog dancing in perfect synchronization with its owner with "Greased Lightning"? Yes, we have all been there. When you turn off the technology one hour (or two!) Before going to bed, you have time to relax without distractions. The artificial light emitted by phones and computers can not only have a serious effect on your body's clock and encourage sleep disturbances, but saving the phone will give you more space to spend quality time with your loved ones. What could be more important than that?

3. Keep a gratitude journal

An excellent way to bring more happiness to your life is through the active and regular expression of gratitude. Studies have shown that keeping a gratitude journal not only increases happiness but also offers other benefits, such as better sleep and fewer symptoms of illness. What do you have to lose? By reserving a small amount of time each night (or even every few nights, if that's what's best for you, you do not want it to become a job) to write down some things of your day that you appreciate, do not just remind yourself what a blessed life It takes, but it will also remove from your mind any negative thoughts, which will make it less likely to linger on issues that can keep you awake at night. Best of all, by keeping a record, you can look back on them from time to time if you are having a bad day and you will surely frown.

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4. Stretch it

How many times does leg cramping or back pain make it more difficult to get to sleep or wake up all night? Stretching helps lengthen the tendons and muscles and can reduce the frequency and severity of cramps, which ensures that you sleep better at night. Stretching the sore muscles not only helps, but gives the whole body a good stretch, relaxes the muscles and body and releases any accumulated tension. Your body will feel like it will melt in bed later.

5. meditate

We live in a crazy world, right? We are constantly being bombarded with information through television, social networks, the Internet, friends and work. No wonder so many people feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious! When you meditate before going to bed, you are reducing the speed of your brain activity, which results in a deeper and calmer dream. This is perfect if you have trouble falling asleep; before you know it, you will be sleeping like a small, well-nourished child. Even if you already incorporate meditation into your day, try it before going to bed and observe the results for yourself. My bet is that he will wake up feeling well rested, energized and ready to face the day!

6. Snuggle up with a good book

Reading before bed is good for you in many ways. First, it calms the nerves by eliminating excess sound and visual stimulation (exactly the opposite of what you get when you watch TV!). As we discussed earlier, the television has noises, blinking lights and too many distractions for when it's time to relax at night. Reading a good book before going to bed helps you escape to another world without the need for dramatic television programs. In addition to reading that helps you relax and sleep better, it also improves brain function, memory and the thought process in general. You do not have to delve into a fantasy novel, just turn off the main lights, turn on a Salt lamp of the Himalayas and curl up in bed with the newspaper, a magazine or a short story to get benefits that go beyond a good night's sleep.

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7. Get enough sleep

I've talked a lot about the Benefits of helping sleepI have not Good, it's true. One of the habits with which you must commit each night is simply to make the dream a priority. It sounds pretty simple, right? But with stressful jobs, busy social life and children to take care of, making sure you have enough eyes closed can be difficult and there have been many articles written about the dangers of sleep deficiency and its relationship to increased stress, weight gain and loss of productivity. An easy way to do this is to lie down constantly at the same time approximately every night. Exercise when you need to wake up and count up to 8 hours to make sure you have a good night's sleep. Going to bed late, sleeping 5 or 6 hours and sleeping the alarm three times in the morning is the worst thing you can do and sets a bad tone for your day. Incorporating the above steps into your nightly routine will help your body know that it is time to slow down and get the right mentality to sleep, so that you do not lie on your back looking at the ceiling for hours.

Have we missed something? What to do to relax before bed?

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