7 reasons why you should roll your foot on a pointed massage ball (+ more exercises)

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A spiked massage ball may seem quite strange: in fact, at first glance you may think it is a dog toy, and Fido would probably love to dig his teeth, but this ball is definitely not something your four-legged friend does not want . destroy, as it is an incredible tool to relieve tired and aching feet after a long day and much more.

The pointed massage ball was first created in Denmark in an attempt to help depressed psychiatric patients find a way out of their mental states through a stimulating massage. It is a fairly simple design, made of a very durable plastic that is covered with spines that have rounded ends. They come in a variety of sizes and are often used by massage therapists and physiotherapists to relieve muscle tension. But they are also becoming increasingly popular for use in the home, which allows one to perform massages on their own. The balls work by stimulating the tissues that are directly under the skin. When used with calm and relaxed breathing, spiked balls also help relieve muscle tension.

Here is a more detailed description of why you should roll your foot or feet on a pointed massage ball. It does much more than serve as your own personal foot massager!

1. Prevention of foot and ankle injuries.

A foot massage is excellent for relieving joint pain and helping to recover from injuries, as well as to reduce muscle pain. When massage is combined with the strengthening exercise of the foot and ankle, it can help prevent future injury while accelerating recovery from any existing injury. With just a short session, 3 to 5 times a week can help minimize the risk of injury by strengthening the important muscles of the ankles and feet.

2. Improve circulation.

With so many of us leading sedentary lifestyles, stuck behind a desk, for example, the muscles of the feet do not do the exercise they need, not to mention the confined shoes, which contribute to the health of the deteriorated foot. Turning each foot on a pointed ball in a 10 to 20 minute session just before bedtime can be an excellent way to increase circulation in the lower extremities, in addition to helping him to feel calmer so he can fall asleep faster and sleep better too.

3. Relieve headaches and migraines.

A 2000 study In Denmark, it was found that people suffering from headaches and migraines experienced significant improvement after receiving reflexology treatments. The participants stopped taking their regular medication, and three months after the completion of the treatments, 65 percent had decreased symptoms, while some had no symptoms at all. Danish research showed that 81 percent of patients reported that they were cured or experienced relief for up to six months after the end of the study. To compare, the common medication used for migraines, Imitrex, has a success rate of 68 percent. This research showed an 81 percent success rate using foot reflexology massage, however, it is practically unheard of, experts say. The researchers asked: "Is it because reflexology can not be patented and sold at high costs, to make money for pharmaceutical companies? It's because if enough migraine patients were going to use reflexology to treat their headaches, Pharmaceutical companies may notice a decrease in the benefits of their migraine medication? Is it because recognizing that reflexology is a viable alternative treatment for migraine headaches would mean that it might be necessary to recognize other forms of alternative therapies as viable treatments for migraine headaches? treat other diseases?

4. Lower blood pressure

High blood pressure is too common nowadays, in fact, approximately 75 million American adults, or 1 in 3, have high blood pressure, which can be caused by poor diet and / or stress, but it is often the result of genetic and environmental factors. . Research published in 2013 in Nursing BMC and performed on long-term health personnel who worked with elderly patients with dementia, a physically and mentally stressful job, as well as quite stressful, discovered that a 10-minute foot massage session performed up to three times a week resulted in a better mood, less anxiety, and low blood pressure.

5. It reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The foot massages are known to put one in a very relaxed state, but they do much more than that. It has been found that frequent sessions of foot massage decrease drastically anxiety in cancer patients, and it is also said to significantly reduce depression as well.

6. Decreases the pain of plantar fasciitis and flat feet.

Chronic heel pain that often results from deterioration of the connective tissue that supports the arch of the foot, or the plantar fascia, can be significantly reduced by foot exercise and deep foot massage, including the use of a ball. pointy to massage the feet and apply strong pressure. to the arch. It can also help people who do not have a normal arch due to the looseness of the ligament, which causes the arch to collapse, which translates to what is known as "flat feet". While some people with this condition do not experience pain, others suffer pain pain even with mild physical activity.

7. Reduce the effects of edema in pregnant women.

Edema, or swelling in the feet and ankles due to fluid retention, is quite common in pregnant women, particularly in the third trimester. The effects can be reduced by using a pointed ball to massage the feet at least once a day, combined with rest and a proper diet.

How to use the ball tip to massage your feet

Now that you know why you should move your foot on that pointy ball, here's how to do it. Actually, there are several ways to massage your feet with a pointed ball. You can sit on a chair and simply take turns rolling each foot on the ball in the direction you want, apply as much or as little pressure as you want.

Another option is to stand while holding something to maintain balance. Then, stand on one leg and gently move your foot on the ball for a wonderful and deep massage: a largest ball tip It is better for this purpose since you will have more control and stability. Try performing the massage for at least 30 seconds on each foot.

More exercises to try with your Spiky Ball

You can use the ball for more than your feet and ankles, here are some other exercises to try:

Calf massage. To massage your calves, lie down on the floor and place the ball under them. Use your body to gently move the ball. You can move it in any direction that is comfortable and provides relief.

Buttocks massage. The buttocks are especially prone to pain and tension, since we use these muscles so frequently on a day-to-day basis. Giving them a massage with a large pointed ball can alleviate both. Lie on the floor with your legs in front of you and then place the ball under your glutes. Use your hands to stabilize and then gently rotate the ball to get relief.

Shoulder massage. Shoulders are also prone to stress, especially when working at a desk all day. To massage them, lean against the wall and place a small pointed ball on the inside of your shoulder joint, near the end of your clavicle. Roll gently over the chest region, moving from side to side. Try to concentrate on specific areas of narrowness as you find them, rolling the ball in different directions. You can do the same on the back of the shoulders, moving the ball from one shoulder to the other, through the back.

Where to buy a spiked massage ball

Pointed massage balls come in a variety of sizes and are also available in a hard and soft form. They are an extraordinarily affordable tool that can have profound benefits for those who suffer tense muscles, treat the pain associated with plantar fasciitis or simply for anyone looking to improve flexibility, circulation and high blood pressure.

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Reference: https://www.naturallivingideas.com/spiky-massage-ball/, by Susan Patterson

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