7 incredible benefits of Surya Namaskar

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by yoga practitioners, surya namaskar It is a well-known part of your practice, but it can have benefits for other people who also practice it!

What is Surya Namaskar?

Surya namaskar is commonly referred to as a sun salutation and is a warm-up routine before a yogic practice session. The reference to the sun in these greetings comes from one of the philosophies of yoga, in which the sun is the source of all power and is closely connected with our individual souls. This yoga warm up in particular is designed to pay respect and homage to the sun, the giver of life. There is no precise definition of how this series of asanas (controlled movements and positions in the practice of the yogi) is, although there are some varieties. Most yogis design their own series of positions and asanas as a personalized namaskar surya.

How to make Surya Namaskar?

A surya namaskar is intended to open the solar plexus, the part of the body traditionally linked to the sun. Most yogis will perform one of these greetings every day, although some will open each session of their yoga practice with a greeting in the sun, even if it is at night. As mentioned, some have their own surya namaskar, but a common set of poses is as follows;

Prayer posture Raised arms posture Raised hand posture Equestrian posture Stick posture Waving with 8 points Cobra pose Montana Pose Equestrian posture Posture from hands to feet Posture of raised arms Relaxation position

Benefits of Surya Namaskar

Surya namaskar strengthens the body, reinforces circulation and brain function, promotes weightloss, low stress levels and balances hormonal fluctuations, among others.

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Improves circulation

Starting the day or exercising with this warm-up will help your blood flow to the extremities, ensuring that you have enough oxygen in all your organs and muscles. groups. [1] This can increase overall energy levels and provide a healthy boost to your tomorrow.


Stimulating the metabolism First thing in the morning, you can help your body start to burn calories and passively fat for the whole day. [2] If you greet the sun before a yoga practice session, prepare your body and metabolism For him exercise come; You are likely to see a change in your weight based on adding this to your daily routine.

It facilitates menstruation

Research has found that making sun salutations can help regulate menstrual cycles, particularly in women who have irregular periods [3] Helping to regulate menstruation, Surya Namaskar can improve the mood and allow you to regain control of your life.

Skin care

Lowering the stress levels and improving circulation, this morning practice can help improve your complexion and protect against outbreaks and inflammation in the skin. [4]

Increase brain function

Perhaps best known for its effects on mental health. Health, build focus and concentration and avoid memory loss. [5] In addition, starting each day with a focused, relaxing and healthy salute to the sun can help reduce stress. hormones and prevent chronic inflammation and diseases that can often follow.

Hair care

It is reported that people who regularly practice surya namaskar have improved hair health, probably due to increased circulation, which means more nutrients and oxygen to the scalp. [6]

Better posture

The use of this warm up in the morning can help regulate your posture all day. Many people struggle to maintain a healthy posture, which can have a long-term relationship. Negative effects, which include poor circulation, arthritisY respiratory problems. [7] By concentrating on the posture early in the morning, you can be proactive about it for the rest of the day.

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