7 incredible benefits of sandalwood powder for the skin

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If you have been looking for a natural treatment for any skin condition, sandalwood Dust is an ancient and legendary remedy. Before adding it to your health regime, it is important to understand what it is and what potential benefits it can have for your skin.

What is sandalwood powder?

Sandalwood powder is the dried and crushed form of sandalwood, which is a type of wood that belongs to the Santalum gender. This wood is considered sacred by different cultures throughout the world and is widely used in religious ceremonies of Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Chinese and Japanese traditions. Apart from this religious significance, sandalwood extract and sandalwood pulp are widely used for natural production. healing deals. Sandalwood powder is produced when a sandalwood stick – a yellow and highly fragrant The wood is ground into powder. [1]

Once you have the powder completely dry, many people choose to make a paste with this powder by mixing it with a small amount of water and, occasionally, including other spices, as saffron, to increase its power. The most common uses of this powder and paste are directly related to the health of the skin, since it is full of santalol, which is an active ingredient in this wood and is a potent sesquiterpene. The most important thing is that anecdotal and formal research has shown that sandalwood has antiseptic, antiinflammatory, astringentY disinfectant qualities, making it an ideal solution for many skin conditions.

Benefits of sandalwood powder for the skin

The best sandalwood powder benefits for your skin include its ability to hydrate, exfoliates, heals and whitens your skin, among others.

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Prevents acne

The antiseptic, exfoliating, and antibacterial The qualities of powder and sandalwood paste make it an ideal solution if you do it regularly. fight With pimples and acne. [2] The rough texture of this powder can help remove dirt and grime from pores, while antiseptic compounds are removed bacterial Infections or persistent sebum that cause inflammations and outbreaks.

Anti-aging properties

There is a series of antioxidant properties in sandalwood powder, which allows it reduce oxidative stress On the skin, relieving the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, while it also increases elasticity and makes you look younger for longer! [3]

Treats sunburn

After a long day under the sun, your skin will feel very sensitive, but applying a little sandalwood powder to the skin. area of The inflammation can alleviate the discomfort, accelerate the healing process, hydrate the skin and prevent excess desquamation of the skin, which can leave scars. [4]

Whitening the skin

Many people in Asian countries use sandalwood powder in a paste to clarify the appearance of their skin. In some religions, sandalwood paste is applied to the forehead. almost daily, but in regular medicinal use, it is often placed in stains or discolored areas of the skin to unify the tone of the face or body. [5]

Moisturizes the skin

Yes Dry Skin It is something that is constantly struggling, the sandalwood powder can install their oils directly on the skin, which makes it more receptive to moisture and less likely to crack In the sun or the wind. [6]


Perhaps the most common use of sandalwood powder, the tiny nature of this powder will help remove dirt and grime from the pores, allowing your skin breathe, while also eliminating the ideal points for bacterial infections to be hidden. [7]

Accelerates healing

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. properties of this powder not only accelerates the healing process of wounds, Burns or scars, but they also protect that area from possible infections while the healing is taking place. [8]

7 incredible benefits of sandalwood powder for skin, reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/sandalwood-skin.html

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