7 incredible benefits of hot stone massage

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Receiving a hot stone massage It is a relaxing and healing Practice that can often be more effective than traditional massage techniques.

What is a hot stone massage?

A massage with hot stones is a form of massage therapy in which a trained therapist Use hot stones to massage your body, even place stones in key points of the spine and muscles to get better results. This technique of using heated stones. dates It goes back hundreds of years and can be an excellent way to loosen the muscles so that the massage technique can be more penetrating than the inflamed or sore muscles. Traditionally, the stones used in such a massage technique are black Volcanic rocks (basalt) that go from small to large and tend to soften naturally by the movements of the river or seawater. [1] Massages with hot stones are usually another option in a spa, but given the delicate and specialized nature of this massage, it is important to find a professional therapist in this style.

Massage technique with hot stones

The technique of hot stone massage consists of the following:

Step 1: During a massage with hot stones, your massage therapist will generally submerge and heat the stones in water, from 110 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Step 2: To begin the massage, it will be on your stomach and you will be given a traditional Swedish massage for a brief period, perhaps 5 to 10 minutes. Step 3: After this, the therapist will remove the hot stones from the water and begin to massage them in their skin, using larger stones for larger muscles groups, and smaller stones for more complex areas of the back and body. [2] Stage 4: As the stones cool, the therapist can set aside the stones or place them in precise places on his spine, back, belly, hands or toes to encourage them. circulation And greater relaxation within the body. Step 5: This may be the end of some hot stone massage, while others will involve the slow removal of the stones, accompanied by a more traditional massage in the relaxed and relaxed muscles.

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Benefits of hot stone massage

There are many benefits of hot stone massage, including the following:

Relief of muscle tension Relief of stress Y anxiety lower risk of cancer Driven immunity Best sleep Improves circulation Better mental health

We will discuss them in detail below.

Muscle tension

By increasing the circulation and oxygenation of the muscles, this massage technique will allow your muscles relax, relieving the tension that has accumulated and decreasing the risk of injury. [3]

Stress and anxiety

If you suffer from chronic levels of stress hormones, the painkiller nature of these special massages can balance the metabolism and calm the mind, helping to get rid of your stress and worry. [4]


Many people struggle to find a restful sleep due to tension and discomfort; A massage can leave your muscles relaxed and your mind clear, leading to a calm and relaxed state. rejuvenating his dream at night

Autoimmune diseases

There are some chronic diseases that can be remedied with regular massage with hot stones, especially those related to nerves and muscles. system, as fibromyalgia, arthritisY carpal tunnel syndrome. [5]

Symptoms of cancer

The pain associated with Cancer can often be unbearable, and difficult to eliminate, even with medication. [6] Hot stone massage can relieve pain and anxiety, which makes the recovery process more tolerable.


By decreasing the arginine-the levels of vasopressin, which one is a blood pressure and the water retention that regulates the hormone in the body, this massage also helps improve the health of the immune system. [7]


The heat of the stones makes your heart Rate to rise and your blood vessels dilate, thus promoting blood flow. This also means best oxygenation to their various organ systems and more resources that are delivered to the parts of the body that need them most. [8]

Mental health

Massage can be very relaxing for a person's mental health, as it helps reduce stress. It also helps in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and induces a sensation of relaxation, both in the mind and in the body.

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Side effects of hot stone massage

Hot stone massage can have some side effects, which include:

Skin discomfort: Pressure and temperature sensitivities They are different for each person, so there may be a period of adjustment to the massage and it may be uncomfortable. Hot stones can also burn The skin, so be sure to communicate with your massage. therapist. [9] Other: Due to the effects of this massage, some people are cautioned not to do so, such as those who have cancerous tumors diabetes, blood clotsinternal Bleeding, the pregnancy, and certain heart conditions.

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