7 incredible benefits of Columbine

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Some of the columbine's most important health benefits include its ability to treat skin conditions, reduce inflammation, eliminate pain, reduce feversto calm gastrointestinal problems, alleviate respiratory Diseases, detoxify the body, and decrease menstrual bleeding.

What is Columbine?

Commonly known as Granny & # 39; s Bonnet or Columbine, the genre known as Aquilegia [1] actually it consists of approximately 70 species of perennial plants that have been used as medicinal substance and also as food Source of Native Americans throughout the northern hemisphere. It is usually found at high altitudes in open meadows and forests, and is easy to identify due to the flower's stimulated petals, which resemble a claw. There are many herbal remedies and traditional uses of this versatile plant, including flowers, seeds, and the root, but there is a considerable danger in ingesting the seeds in large quantities, since they contain cardiogenic toxins that can affect the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems. Great care must be taken when resorting to columbine for its medicinal benefits, and you should only trust the acquired columbine to a reliable and trained herbalist.

You can use columbine tinctures and decoctions for a number of health benefits due to its diuretic and astringent properties, as well as the unique combination of organic compounds it contains. While seeds and roots can be used in other ways To achieve certain benefits, there is a greater risk with this type of traditional remedies. [2] Now, let's take a closer look at some of the important health benefits of columbine.

Health benefits of Columbine

The health benefits of columbine include:

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Skin health

For thousands of years, the columbine has been used by the indigenous populations of North America and Europe. treat a variety of skin conditions. [3] You can crush the seeds or roots and combine them with water to create a paste or ointment that can be placed directly on rashes and irritation. The anti-inflammatory The nature of columbine helps reduce the irritation and redness of these affected areas. It is also effective for mild acne, psoriasisand poison ivy, as well as other eruptions derived from plants.

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Eliminate the pain

Columbine also works as an effective painkiller in various parts of the body. The same type of paste can be applied to bruises and tense muscles for reduce aches and pains, as a result of the same anti-inflammatory compounds found in the roots and seeds. [4] Lotions made from crushed root and extracted oils are very popular for rheumatic pain as people get older. Those who suffer from arthritis You can use these herbal lotions to significantly reduce your discomfort. Using columbine in open wounds it is discouraged, since the toxicity could negatively affect the body if it enters the blood.


One of the most popular uses of columbine has been in the reduction of Headaches. [5] Using small amounts of ground seeds and often mixing them with wine or water, headaches can be quickly relieved. Again, the seeds contain toxic substances, so very small amounts are needed for this treatment, and it is recommended to consult an herbalist.

Respiratory problems

Crushing the roots and mixing them with water has also been used as treatment by the way respiratory problems, including congestion Y sore throat. [6] By eliminating airway inflammation, columbin can help accelerate the healing process, reduce irritation and eliminate congestion, which prevents further diseases or infections by bacteria in phlegm and sputum.

Detoxify the body

Columbine has been used for a long time to stimulate perspiration, and is traditionally known as an effective remedy to break fever. If you mix the flowers with water and to drink In this mixture, fevers can be eliminated quickly. This same property also induces urination, so its role as a diuretic makes it valuable for detoxifying the body. [7] By stimulating the elimination of excess toxins, you go outFats and water help relieve pressure on the kidneys and liver.

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If the roots are prepared correctly, they can be consumed as a tonic for the stomach, since it can relieve inflammation and irritation of the intestines. Causes Diarrhea and symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). [8] It should be consumed in small quantities and prepared by a trained herbalist.

Menstrual bleeding

The effects of columbina on women have been known for generations. A small tincture can be used to induce labor in pregnancy, and its properties as coagulant and astringent It can help reduce bleeding after delivery. [9] In addition, columbine is used by many herbalists to decrease menstrual bleeding and reduce some of the discomfort and symptoms associated with menstruation.

One last word of warning

As mentioned many times in this article, the columbine is a poisonous flower, so in spite of all the health benefits that we have just explained, you should not try to create decoctions, tinctures or salves without the proper training or consultation with an herbalist or a traditional doctor. . Always consult a medical professional before adding any potent herbal remedy to your health regimen.

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