7 impressive benefits of Yacon

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The health benefits of yacon include its ability to regulate blood sugar Levels, "bad" lows. cholesterol, Help with weightlosslower blood pressure, improves liver health, prevents certain types of Cancerboost digestive health, and strengthen the immune system.

What is Yacón?

Yacon is a large perennial that is grown and cultivated mainly for its tuberous roots. the scientific name of yacon is Smallanthus sonchifolius and it grows mainly in South America, including the central and northern Andes, which are mainly found in Colombia and Argentina. [1] It has been a traditional crop. vegetable Thousands of years ago and has a wide variety of uses. Yacon syrup and powder are commonly used as healthy substitutes for sugar as a sweetener in several foods. In addition, the root can be eaten raw, as a potato or a jicama. The majority of the density of these vegetable tubes, which can grow up to 1 kilogram of weight, are fructooligosaccharides, which is an indigestible form of fructose. This unique quality of yacon is part of what makes it so valuable.

This vegetable was not widely known outside of its native range until the last decades, but also it is cultivated in Australia and New Zealand, and its popularity extends to Japan, China, South Korea and even in the markets of healthy foods of the United States. [2]

You can harvest yacon after the rhizomes at the top of the plant die and fall backward, which means that the tube under the ground is ready to be eaten. One of the best things about yacon is that it can be easily grown in family gardens and requires very little experience or experience in agriculture. The juicy meat The tuber is slightly sweet, thanks to the fructose-based composition.

The leaves of the plant also contain a variety of beneficial organic compounds, so the yacon tea and syrup have become valuable and sought after components to add to people's diets. In fact, yacon syrup has had a recent surge of popularity, since it is said that it is not only a superfood for diabetics, but also for people trying to lose weight. [3] However, the question remains: Why is yacon considered so important to our health?

Nutritional value of yacon

As mentioned, yacon tubers are mainly composed of fructooligosaccharides and water. This means that most of the carbohydrate Sugars can not be digested by the body, resulting in a very low calorie level and a prevention of excess sugar entering the body. blood. Yacon also helps the body increase its vitamin and the absorption of minerals from all other foods, so while there are not many vitamins and minerals In yacon itself, it is very important for the intake of these essential components of human health. That said, the yacon is still rich in potassium, calcium, and the match.

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Benefits for Yacón's health

The health benefits of yacon include its ability to regulate blood sugar levels, control cholesterol and aid in weight loss, among others.

Prevents diabetes

The reason why so many people around the world have started using yacon so often is because of its antihyperglycemic effects. The fructooligosaccharides in yacon. half that the body does not absorb simple sugars; in fact, it decreases the amount of glucose produced in the liver and causes a change to a lower level Quick glucose rates. [4] This is very important for people who suffer from diabetes. The potential of yacon to increase insulin sensitivity in the body is also being researched, another beneficial aspect for diabetics or for people at risk of developing the disease.

Regulates blood pressure

There is a series of heart– Healthy aspects for the yacon, but the high levels Potassium are definitely worth mentioning first. [5] Potassium is a vasodilator, which means that it relaxes blood vessels and reduces stress on the cardiovascular system. This means an increase in blood flow and oxygenation in the parts of the body that need it most, and a lower chance of developing conditions such as atherosclerosis, or suffer from heart disease such as heart attacks or strokes Potassium also helps regulate the balance of fluids in the cells and tissues of our body, along with sodium.

Controls cholesterol levels

Apart from its benefits for diabetics, yacon is also important for people who need to control their cholesterol. Research has shown that yacon consumption produces a general decrease in fasting triglyceride and low density lipoprotein levels. [6] In other words, the fructo-oligosaccharides that make up yacon help to lower lipid levels and prevent the accumulation of "bad" cholesterol. This helps in the prevention of a wide variety of heart problems, including coronary heart disease.


Although this has been much debated in certain circles, several researchers claim that eating yacon can help increase weight loss. Since it is not composed of starch (like most tubers), but fills you up and has a very low calorie level, it is thought to result in a general weight loss. This can also be caused by the mild laxative effect of yacon (perhaps due to its fiber content) and the increase in satiety that people feel after eating this sweet plant. [7]

<img title = "yaconinfo" class = "alignleft size-full wp-image-48279 lazy keep-away" src = "https://www.organicfacts.net/wp-content/uploads/yaconinfo.jpg" alt = " yaconinfo” height=”900″ width=”1200″>Improves digestion

While the body can not absorb these fructo-oligosaccharides, it does not mean that the healthy bacteria in our gut do not find it delicious. Yacón also contains prebiotic. materials, stimulating the growth and health of microflora in our bodies. [8] When our probiotic The bacteria are well cared for and healthy, our body can maximize your intake of vitamins and minerals. By optimizing the absorption levels of our food, we can get more "benefits for our money", so to speak, when we eat any other food. In addition, the mild laxative effect of yacon reduces. constipation, swelling, and other more serious. gastrointestinal conditions, such as gastric ulcers and colon cancer.

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Prevents cancer

Research has shown that the compounds found in yacon may have inhibitory effects on the increase of cancer cells. [9] While this research is still somewhat preliminary, there is no downside to this possible benefit of adding yacon to your diet!

Liver health

The liver is the source of glucose in our body, so it makes sense that the regulation of glucose through the consumption of yacon affects in some way our liver health. In fact, studies have shown that sufficient amounts of yacon (particularly when combined with Milk cardo) prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver and maintains the health and proper function of the liver. [10]

Word of caution: Although it is rare, there have been some reports of allergies To the root of yacon. [11] In addition, the leaves should only be used for tea, since they have been found to be slightly toxic to the kidneys when ingested directly. Apart from these two small problems, enjoy the yacon, as well as all the wonderful benefits it can bring to your health!

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