7 books to help you understand fats

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We hope we all know that healthy fats are really good for us and are essential to achieve optimal nutrition.

Healthy fats are those found in foods such as avocados, nuts, grass-fed butter, fish and select oils. By including a range of healthy fats in our diets, we can improve cardiovascular health, increase the strength of our bones, increase lung function and support brain health.

With so much information floating on the Internet, we thought we could help you show our 7 best options when it comes to books to understand everything there is to know about fats. These are some of our favorites…

The Healthy Home economists guide: Get your fats directly – Sarah Pope

In The Healthy Home Economist's Guide: Clarifying Your Fats, the author, Sarah Pope, explains how the low-fat phenomenon became commonplace and the devastating health effects that this madness has had on today's society. Sarah disapproves of the myths and arguments made to convince him to adopt a low-fat diet and gives her simple and practical advice on the steps she can take to recover her own health, if she no longer feels as well as possible, or believes that the next generation will be as healthy as possible and realize its physical potential.

Regardless of your health goals, this book will guide you to understand the ins and outs of fats profitably and give you the best chance to live life to its fullest potential. Check out Get Your Fats Straight here!

Eat fat, lose weight: why the fat we eat is the key to sustained weight loss and vibrant health – Mark Hyman

Eat fat, lose weight: why the fat we eat is the key to sustained weight loss and Vibrant Health is a revolutionary program based on the latest science that demonstrates the importance of fat to help lose weight and maintain overall health . Dr. Mark Hyman, author of best sellers, presents a new healthy life program based on scientific principles to help you lose weight and achieve optimal well-being along the way. Dr. Hyman offers practical tools such as meal plans, recipes and shopping lists with step-by-step instructions with easy-to-follow tips to help you lose weight, prevent disease and feel better. Click here to see Eat Fat, Get Thin.

Smart fat: eat more fat. Lose more weight Get Healthy Now – Steven Masley and Jonny Bowden

Smart fat: eat more fat. Lose more weight Get Healthy Now, is an innovative guide that reveals how to eat more healthy fats, we can achieve vitality, longevity and permanent weight loss. The authors and health professionals Masley and Bowden explain how, by eliminating fats from our diets, we have deprived ourselves of great health benefits and, possibly, sabotaged our own efforts to lose weight along the way. Smart Fat explains the amazing properties of healthy fat, including its ability to balance hormones to increase energy and appetite control, as well as its incredible anti-inflammatory benefits. Masley and Bowden identify "smart fats" and explain in detail what not to eat, and provide a thirty-day meal plan, as well as fifty recipes based on the perfect combination of fat, fiber, protein and flavor. Click here to read more about Smart Fat.

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What the Fat?: Fat & # 39; s IN: Sugar & # 39; s OUT Practical Guide & Recipes – Grant Schofield

What the fat? Fat & # 39; s IN: Sugar & # 39; s OUT Guide and practical recipes, is more than a diet plan or a cookbook, written by Professor Fat, the integral food dietitian and the chef trained in Michelin: it is a new way of eating that aims to change your diet. life – for good The book explains how incorporating healthy fats into your diet has never been so easy. The author offers a practical "how to" guide for easy reading. Click here to read more about What the fat?

Good fat, bad fat: Get away from the fat phobia and learn the truth! – Romy Dollé

Good fat, bad fat: Get away from the fat phobia and learn the truth! – a book that details everything the owners have been telling us – fat is healthy! Even though this is a different message than what you have been accustomed to listening to throughout your life, it is understandable that there is some resistance around the issue. Even if you are already a believer that fat is good for you, this book describes how to know what kind of fats are nutritious and what types of fats you should avoid. In this book, author Romy Dollé reveals the problems associated with our fat phobia, and how it leads to stress, depression and obesity. Romy offers scientific explanations at all times to clearly explain how fat works in your body, how you can burn it for energy and why it is so important for health and longevity to eat a high-fat diet. Check out Good Fat, Bad Fat here.

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Eat fat, lose fat: the healthy alternative to trans fats – Mary Enig

Eat fat, lose fat: the healthy alternative to trans fat explains how foods such as coconut oil, red meat and butter have traditionally been considered harmful to our health. This powerful book, based on more than two decades of research, demonstrates how these saturated fats are essential for weight loss and optimal health. The author, Mary Enig, details how the education we have received previously on the so-called healthy vegetable oils (such as corn and soy) are the main responsible for the national obesity and health crisis. This book presents a range of delicious recipes based on coconut oil, plus many more, which show us how eating healthy fats is the answer to lose weight and achieve good long-term health. Check out Eat fat, lose fat here.

The queen of fats: why were omega-3s eliminated from the Western diet and what can we do to replace them – Susan Allport

The queen of fats: why omega-3s were eliminated from the Western diet and what we can do to replace them is a nutritional journey that takes readers from Greenland to Africa to Israel. The queen of fats offers a fascinating narrative of how we have become deficient in a nutrient that is vital to good health: the fatty acids known as omega-3. Writing with intelligence and passion, Susan Allport tells the story of these essential fats, which abound in vegetables and fish, among other foods. She describes how scientists came to understand the role of omega-3s in our diet, why commercial processing has eliminated them from the food we eat and what the tremendous consequences for our health have been. The Fat Queen also includes the steps you can take to add omega-3 to your diet, shows how there are more options to increase your intake of omega-3 than just eating fish, provides a new way to understand the complex advice and the role and importance of fats in the body and explains how omega-3s can be reintroduced into our diets through the enrichment of foods and changes in the way we feed livestock. Read the fat queen here.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy healthy fats?

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