7 amazing substitute of marjoram

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Find a Marjoram The substitute is pretty easy, and probably already in your spice shelf! So, if you're struggling to find this perennial Grass, you can look for those mentioned above.

What is the marjoram

Marjoram is a perennial herb known scientifically as Origanum majorana and it is commonly used for various culinary applications. This herb has a strong citrus and mud to Rome, making it a popular spice in many soups, condimentsstews and sauces. [1] While it is closely related to oregano, they are clearly different species in the same genus, but they have similar uses in the kitchen.

Substitute of marjoram

If you need a marjoram substitute, some of the best options include oreganosalty thyme, and za'atar, among others. If your recipe requires fresh or dried marjoram, the opposite way is your best alternative; otherwise, choose among the following.


As mentioned, oregano is closely related To the marjoram and has a very similar taste profile. [2] However, oregano is significantly more potent, so add a little less than what the recipe requires marjoram, or else you could master the dish.


This is another spice that is often found in Mediterranean kitchen and is a good replacement for marjoram in poultry dishes and other meatsFor its powerful and slightly citrusy taste.


Although the tasty is not as sweet as the marjoram, it can still provide a nice bite to many sauces, soups and stews, and can fill the taste gap of the marjoram.

Seasoning for birds

As the name implies, this is an ideal spice mix for poultry dishes, and since marjoram is often included in such preparations, this is a good replacement.

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This spice may be alone, but It is also for flavoring the birds, which may have a purpose similar to that of marjoram in many tasty foods. [3]


The dried leaves of the basil the plant can imitate the taste of the marjoram on a plate, and while it is not as good as the oregano, it will do so in a hurry.

Za & # 39; atar

This is a cool herbal mixture, which is commonly found in Europe and the Middle East, which contains a certain concentration of marjoram. While the taste is slightly different, the zaza can be substituted in certain sauces and stews.

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