7 amazing benefits of white flower oil

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White flower oil is a powerful combination of essential oils That can have remarkable and diverse effects on your health.

What is white flower oil?

White flower oil is a combination of wintergreen, lavender, eucalyptusmenthol mintY camphor oils, all of which are highly effective in their own right. The original recipe for this combinatorial oil. dates Back to the 1920s, but it has become very popular in various forms since then. [1] The precise percentages of each of these oils may fluctuate slightly in the preparation, but Wintergreen is almost always the dominant oil. Although it has existed for less than a century, the results are undeniable.

The oil is used mainly for topical and external use, since it can have serious side effects if consumed. You could also find this tea with its traditional Chinese name, Pak Fah Yeow.

Benefits of white flower oil

The use of white flower oil can offer many benefits, such as the following:

Treatment of a headache Faster healing rates Stress Relief Reduction in inflammation Better respiratory health treatment of insects stings Treatment of motion sickness.


Inhaling the aromatics of this oil can help loosen the tension and lower blood pressure, which can relieve the pain of a migraine or a serious headache. [2]

Joint pain

Rubbing this oil on your wrists, elbows, ankles, Y Hands is a good way to start the day if you have arthritis, since it can help improve range of motion and flexibility. [3]

Insect bites

Insect bites They will heal on their own, in most cases, but the inflammation Y The pain can be very uncomfortable. [4] Applying a few drops of this oil, with its anti-aging propertiesinflammatory compounds, can decrease swelling and prevent any infections at the site of the bite.

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Wintergreen and lavender essential The oils are known individually to help treat acne with your antibacterial Compounds and soothing nature; Those same oils are present in white flower oil. [5] Some drops on a cotton ball can be applied on acne patches for quick relief.


If you use this oil in aromatherapy, can help to get better Mood and lower stress levels, while relieving headaches and inducing better sleep. [6]

Healing speed

Put this oil on wounds or irritated areas. about him skin It can help speed up the healing process, as well as protect against possible infections. [7]


If you fight regularly against seasickness while driving or flying, a small bottle of this oil can do wonders for your stomach and your internal balance. Just take a couple of gently smelling the oil and your feeling of discomfort or nausea will fade.

Side effects of white flower oil

If you use an excessive amount of this oil, there may be some negative side effects, such as possible complications during the pregnancy, as well as topical inflammation. Most essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women and, in terms of topical inflammation, simply apply a small amount of oil to the skin and perform a test of any results in the next 8 to 12 hours, before using a greater amount.

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