7 amazing benefits of Amla or Indian gooseberry

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Amla or gooseberry is very rich in vitamins and many minerals, it can be consumed dry and fresh for many health benefits. The gooseberry improves the absorption of food, balances stomach acid, regulates your BP, nourishes the brain, works mentally and supports the heart. It also strengthens the lungs, regulates the elimination of free radicals, improves fertility, helps the urinary system, improves the quality of the skin and promotes healthier hair. It provides remedies for many diseases and is also widely used in many Ayurvedic treatments.

1. Delays aging

Amla is full of antioxidants and an excellent source of vitamin C that are effective in reducing cell damage. It adjusts your cholesterol, regulates your blood pressure and helps cure many other diseases. If you can consume on a regular basis, it delays the aging process and keeps you young, so you look younger. If there is raw fresh fruit available, then you can eat it as such, or prepare salads or pickles with it. You can even make amla juice with water and drink it. If fresh amla is not available, then consume the amla powder.

2. Increase immunity

Because it is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and contains tannins. It has been shown that Amla restores the antioxidant system of the liver and restores the elevated liver enzymes to normal. When combined with polyphenols, it makes the fruit a scavenger of free radicals. What this means is that it reduces the damage that free radicals cause to the cells and, therefore, improves the ability to fight against the disease of your body. Amla supports the immune system to deal with real threats.

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3. Remove the facial points

Amla has the ability to remove stains, spots and pigmentation of the skin. It is full of vitamin C, which removes toxins from the body, exfoliates the skin and eliminates dead cells. It acts as a natural astringent due to its toning and exfoliating properties.

4. Improve the view.

Carotene in amla improves and preserves sight. It is rich in vitamins, so it helps you achieve better vision. The daily intake of amla juice keeps your eyes healthy and your vision intact.

5. hair care

Amla contains essential fatty acids that make your hair shiny and healthy. It also retards redness, prevents dandruff, strengthens the hair follicles and increases blood circulation in the scalp, so that the hair grows longer and stronger. Regular use of Amla hair oil and amla packs It helps to get rid of split ends and hair loss.

6. Burn fat and prevent heart disease

Amla can cure obesity by increasing protein levels, so it helps reduce unwanted fat. It has the ability to reduce cholesterol levels and strengthens the muscles of the heart, which helps circulate blood throughout the body, thus minimizing the risk of heart attacks.

7. Diabetes controls.

Amla contains chromium, which has a therapeutic value for diabetic patients. Taking amla juice with turmeric powder and honey helps control diabetes.

Amla or gooseberry is a wonderful fruit that is beneficial for the whole body and very good for health without having side effects. Then, everyone uses it regularly for a better and healthier life.

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