6 ways to prevent cancer naturally (and how to stay healthy later!)

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"You have cancer".

These can be three of the most devastating words a person can hear in their life.

And while there is a lot of talk about how to treat cancer, what are you supposed to do to prevent it? Or what is he supposed to do after recovery to keep the cancer from coming back?

In a study of postmenopausal women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer with positive estrogen receptors, people with a healthy diet had a 45% less risk of mortality Of breast cancer or any other disease.

This type of information demonstrates the promising role of nutrition in reducing cancer risk. Read on to discover other key ideas on how to stay healthy to prevent cancer and how to take care of yourself once you face cancer as well.

1. Find your healthy and comfortable weight

Did you know that fat is a metabolically active tissue?

The fat in our body is not inert. In fact, it has its own blood supply and cellular activity.

through @FoodMattersFilmClick to tweetFat cells are constantly active and can generate hormones, produce inflammatory factors and even play a role in regulating our appetite!

The metabolic activity of our fat cells explains why body weight can influence our risk of cancer. Intra-abdominal fat (the material in our midsection that surrounds and even permeates our organs) plays a particularly important role in our health. This type of fat releases inflammatory chemicals and growth factors that can cause chronic diseases (such as diabetes and cardiovascular conditions) and accelerate the growth of cancer cells.

Keep in mind: The recommendation to find a healthy weight is usually recommended as prevention or after your cancer has disappeared. Weight loss is not recommended during many types of cancer, when your body needs optimal nutrition and fuel to heal.

2. Eat organic … At least, as much as you can!

Many pesticides, herbicides and fungicides have carcinogenic qualities. Therefore, to reduce your risk of cancer in the future, it is wise to minimize your exposure to chemicals that promote cancer.

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In addition, the investigation indicates that Organic products have a higher content of nutrients.. Our bodies need to be well nourished and receive an abundant supply of antioxidants to fight cancer cells and support the immune system. So eating organic has the double benefit of giving your body less of what is harmful and more kindness to fight cancer and improve health!

While organic consumption carries the perception of being more expensive, you can read our tips to save money and buy organic products. here Y here. As a starting point, you may also want to initially avoid eating the top "dirty dozen'Most sprayed products.

3. Eat many alkalizing and anti-inflammatory foods

Inflammation is bad news for our health and contributes to many diseases, including cancer. By reducing inflammation, we can keep our body working in the best conditions and decrease our risk of developing cancer.

As a general rule, most foods of plant origin have a more alkalizing effect on the body. On the other hand, many dairy products, meat, sugar and refined foods tend to be more acidifying.

Research has found that a more alkaline diet, based on plants and a lower intake of meat products can significantly decrease the risk of many cancers. Read these easy 5 steps to a more alkaline diet and learn more about how The acid-alkaline balance works inside your body here..

4. Drink juice

Freshly squeezed vegetable-based juices are one of the fastest ways to flood your cells with the nutrients needed for your body to function optimally. In addition, the juices are alkalizing, which, as noted, can also help reduce the risk of cancer.

Plant foods also contain antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E, which fight free radical damage. Many phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables can also help cells prevent the development of cancer. Increase your daily intake of these nutritious treats that fight cancer with a vegetable-based juice and cold-pressed!

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For additional benefit, consider including anti-inflammatory ingredients such as ginger and turmeric in your daily juices. Numerous studies have shown that turmeric, in particular, can have anticancer properties. Strange tip? Add a little pepper in any juice that contains turmeric; A bioactive component in pepper called piperine. Increases the bioavailability of curcumin..

5. Reduce the & # 39; garbage & # 39; in your food

Did you know that many preservatives, colors and flavors of common foods are considered carcinogenic? (Check out some of the worst criminals here!)

While these artificial additives have been given "levels of safety" that the average American diet should not overcome, what is scary is that little is known about how these chemicals interact with each other, or what cumulative side effects may be. .

In addition, foods that contain artificial additives tend to have a lower nutritional value than fresh, organic and whole foods. Therefore, by sticking to natural foods, you can give your body a boost of superior nutrients and avoid potentially carcinogenic ingredients.

6. Move your body regularly

Research suggests that regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing cancer or experiencing a recurrence. Exercise can also be vital in relieving fatigue and reducing the stress that is common after cancer.

Many experts recommend exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, at the highest intensity you can safely do. This can be distributed throughout the day, so there is no need to sweat it all at once, if this amount sounds daunting!

Have you recovered or someone who loves your health and vitality after cancer? Share how they did it in the comments below!

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